Extracurricular Activities

There are many activities at EHS besides going to classes. There are clubs, music groups, athletic events, plays, student council meetings, and dances. In fact, there is so much action going on at EHS that we’re sure there are something you’d find interesting. You don’t have to be an expert to participate – in many activities, desire is the most important thing. So if you’re not the best, join anyway. After all, the basic purpose of a school is learning, and no one ever said you can only learn in a classroom. Take some time now to look at the various activities listed below. If some sound interesting, read more about them; if you’re still interested, try them. It might just be the kind of activity you are looking for.

Art Club
The purpose of this organization is to offer additional activities in visual art for interested students. The club is open to students 9-12 who are enrolled or have been enrolled in art.


High School Band
Open to any high school student. The primary emphasis is concert band. Students regularly participate in ISSMA contests.

Panther Band
Open to band students. This band performs at all home varsity football and boys basketball games.

Jazz Ensemble
A volunteer group of band students who wish to explore the jazz idiom. This group performs at concerts, community activities, & contests. Practice takes place before school.


Panther Edition
Students are selected by audition during the spring for this swing choir. Students selected enroll in the Panther Edition class which meets daily during the school day.

Panther Kittens
Female students are selected by audition during the spring for this show choir. Students selected enroll in the Panther Kitten class which meets daily during the school day.

This national organization is an Association of Marketing Student. It is open to all students enrolled in a business class. The goal of DECA is to develop leadership characteristics, self-confidence, business etiquette, proficiency in communication and a healthy competitive spirit.

Drama Club
This club is designed to promote student involvement in high school theater and growth as an individual through creativity and working with others in theater activities.

This organization recognizes the letter winners in athletics. It is open to athletes in grades 10-12 who have earned a half point.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
The purpose of this club is to challenge young athletes in the areas of Christian commitment, leadership, and athletic potential. The organization is open to all boys and girls who are involved in the Eastbrook sports program.

This organization is open to any student enrolled in an agriculture class. The purpose of FFA is to promote agriculture and agribusiness.

International Club
Membership is open to any student currently enrolled in a French, Geography, or Spanish class. Once a student becomes a member of the club, membership may continue even if the student does not continue the study of a foreign language or geography. Informal meetings are geared to provide the members with some hint of the “flavor” of other cultures.

The yearbook is produced by students enrolled in the yearbook class. Some out-of-school time is required for the production of the yearbook.

National Honor Society
Selection to the NHS is the highest academic honor that a junior or senior student can receive. A GPA of 3.3 is required for eligibility. Eligible students are then evaluated and selected on the basis of leadership, character, and service by a faculty council.

Physics Club
Membership is made up of current and former physics students. The purpose of this organization is to investigate and apply physics principles.

Quiz Bowl Team 
Academic competitions consisting of quick-response questioning are held with nearby high schools.

Student Council
To run as a candidate for Student Council representative, a student must have at least a GPA of 2.5 or better and file an application with ten signatures of fellow students. The purpose of the organization is to promote school loyalty, to develop leadership, understanding, and cooperation among students and faculty, and to provide for expression of student opinion.