J. Hallis
Mrs. Jamie Hallis   
Guidance Counselor for Grades 9 & 10                                            
765-664-1214 ext. 4004

B. Becker

Mrs. Brittany Boller

Guidance Counselor for Grades 11 & 12

765-664-1214 ext. 4005

Google Classroom code for 11 & 12 graders:  zz7xexi

Useful Links:
21st Century Scholars
– 21st Century Scholar activities, resources and qualifications
– Practice for the ACT and sign up for the ACT
– File your Free Application for Student Aid

Learn More Indiana
  – Activities for students to learn about colleges and careers
– Current students can order their transcripts for self and to send to colleges for free

The College Board
  – Practice for the PSAT and SAT.  Sign up for the SAT & free practice resources

– Check the college/university websites
– Mrs. Boller’s Google Classroom
“INvestEd is a free resource for Hoosier students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid.  At INvestEd, they help families understand how to fund college wisely to help minimize potential education debt.”

Anonymous Bullying Report

Eastbrook Bullying Policy