ENE Walk-A-Thon


Our students did an outstanding job with our recent chocolate sale, which got us halfway to our annual fundraising goal. Now we’re gonna step to it with our Walk-a-thon on October 4, 2019 and reach 100%!

Share this link https://eastbrook-north-pto.snwbll.com/giving-portalwith family & friends on any platform (social media, email, etc) and they can click it to make their secure online donation.

Students will receive credit for the online donation when their name(s) is entered in the ‘Sponsored Student’ field. If more than one student is listed, the donation will be split evenly between them. You will receive regular updates through October 10 on the total amount of online donations credited to your student so you know how much they’ve raised. *The company we are using for this includes a ‘tip option’ on the donation page. Feel free to select ‘No Tip’ from the drop down menu.

Donations can also be collected in person.

100% of the money raised will directly benefit our students through programs such as: AR/Tin Caps Reading Programs, Classroom Support, Family Events, Field Trip transportation and Field Day.

All money collected is due BY October 11, 2019. Students will only be eligible for prizes if all their money is turned in by the 11th.

Our students are excited and ready to step to it! Thank you for your support in helping us reach our goal.

Please contact us in the school office with any questions.

Eastbrook North PTO