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Hello Eastbrook Family,


In light of the recent school tragedies within our country I wanted to reach out to you and assure you and your family that student and staff safety is our number one priority at Eastbrook Community Schools.  To that end we are constantly assessing where we are regarding school safety and if there are additional measures that need to be taken to increase our security.


Currently, we have five trained School Safety Specialists within our district, secure school buildings, new door access equipment, cameras at all of our school facilities, a School Resource Officer, counselors at all of our schools, trained staff who lead periodic school safety drills and a wonderful relationship with law enforcement who have willingly participated in threat assessment audits throughout our district.  We still have a goal of wanting to do more.


We are in the process of increasing our intercom and phone capabilities at each school, assessing our entry/exit locations and procedures for each school, and determining if additional safeguards need to be put in place regarding student access throughout the school day.


While these efforts should positively impact student and staff safety within the Eastbrook school community we realize that we desperately need your help in keeping our community as safe as possible.  We are asking that all staff, students and patrons join us in our efforts to embrace the concept of “See Something, Say Something”.  We are asking that if anyone within the Eastbrook community sees or hears of anything that could potentially be harmful to themselves or others, then we are asking that they tell a trusted school employee or law enforcement personnel.


Obviously, we realize that not everything is within our control, but we are seeking everyone’s best to join in on our collective efforts that if we “See something”, then we will “Say something” to make our school community as safe as possible.


Thank you very much for your active support!


Brett Garrett


Eastbrook Community Schools