NOW SOLD OUT!  Thank you for shopping this year!

Eastbrook Community Schools Greenhouse

A student business – a little out of the way but worth the journey!

May 5th 11am – 6pm
May 6th 11am – 6pm
May 7th 11am – 6pm
May 8th 11am – 5pm

Annual Plants in 1020 (10”X20” flat with 606’s inside) 36 plants = full, 18 = ½ half flat, 606 = 6 plants.

$12      Full Flat

$6        ½ Flat

$2       606 insert

Plants that may be available in Annual Flats include: Begonia (Rose Bronze Leaf), Impatients ( Bright Red, Coral, Violet, White, Lilac),  Marigold (Janie Flame, Safari Tangerine, Safari Yellow), Petunias (Midnight, Patriot Mix, Lilac, Pink, Red, Red Picotee, Sky Blue), Salvia (Vista Red),

Geraniums in 6” pots, 4” pots and 1801’s (10”x20” flat with 1801’s which is 18 plants inside)

$5       Large Geraniums 6” pot   Plants may include: (Red, Orchid, White Splash, Mosaic Purple, Mosaic Red)

$3       Ivy Geranium – 4.5” pot    Plants may include: (Arctic Red, Deep Pink, Light Lavender)

$3 for 2 Small Geranium –  4” pot  Plants may include: (Maverick Pink & Maverick Red)

$20     Geraniums in 1801 Flat   Plants may include: (Maverick Pink & Maverick Red)

Wave Petunias in 4.5” pot

$3      4.5” pot Plants may include:  (Red, Pink, Denim, Purple, Coral, Coconut, Yellow)

Tomatoes – Limited Supply and varieties due to school closing during planting window.

$5 for 4 in 1801 Deep Pot   Plants may include: (Better boy, Big Boy, Early Girl, Lemon Boy)

Spikes & Dichondra – 4” or 4.5” pots, great to use in planters or hanging baskets

$2          Plants may include: (Dracaena Indivisa or Dichondra Argentea)

Hanging Baskets 10” Hanging basket with saucer and 18” wire hanger 

$12     10” Hanging Basket solid colors and some mixed. Plants may include:

           (Wave Petunia – Red, Pink, Denim, Purple, Coral, Coconut, Yellow)

2020 Eastbrook Greenhouse Shopping Procedure

To make everything work efficiently follow these easy procedures while enjoying your experience:

  • When you arrive, pick up a customer number in the parking lot and wait for your number to be called.
  • Once your number is called, someone will notify you it is your opportunity to enter the greenhouse in an orderly fashion, numbers will be called in the order that you arrived.
  • Only one person or Family Unit will shop in the greenhouse at a time.
  • Have an idea of what you want to purchase to make better use of time.Use correct change or have a check payable to “EHS FFA” and total your will be calculated for you before you leave.
  • We are not limiting Staff sales this year.
  • Load only one vehicle at a time after you pay in the shop.


  • Thank-you for supporting our Annual Greenhouse Sale. Your purchase allows us to continue to run the greenhouse as a student run business! Your purchase benefits our Agriculture Students and the Eastbrook FFA.


To View a video of Greenhouse Plants follow the link below.

See the latest greenhouse tour here


Public Sale will begin Tuesday May 5th – Information and Hours will be posted on the Eastbrook Web Page. Please share.