Parents and Staff,

We’ve made it through two weeks! As a reminder for everyone, please screen every morning for fever greater than 100 and other signs of illness listed below on the screening tool.

Helpful side notes:
1. Any sign or symptom of illness that cannot be attributed to a chronic health condition (example: allergies, asthma, history of migraines/headaches, etc.) will start a 10 day isolation of the staff or student.
2. Once the 10 day isolation has begun, the student can only return to school (sooner than 10 days) if they visit their health care provider and are deemed to have an “alternate diagnosis” or “NON–COVID” related illness.
3. Due to a 30% false negative rate on the current COVID testing, a “negative” result on a COVID test will not allow a student or staff member to return to school earlier than the 10 day isolation without the alternate diagnosis from the physician.

I have linked the daily screening tool as well as a very helpful chart on when a student or staff member can return to school.

Daily Screening Tool

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help keep Eastbrook safe and healthy!


Nurse Jodi 🙂

Jodi Brodkorb, RN, BSN
Eastbrook School Nurse