For more information, contact the manufacturer ( Bosch provides excellent installation instructions, which you will get with purchase and can also download from their website. BSH also owns Thermador, Gaggenau, and Bosch Benchmark. BOSCH PIB375FB1E. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bosch HIIP054U: 30" Induction Slide-in Range Benchmark Series - Stainless Steel at With the exception of the 30-inch 500 Series, setting the heat level is basically a two-touch process: you select a burner, then you select a setting. The Plus key increases time by 30 minutes, while the Minus key does so by 10 minutes. For example, if you set it for 350F, it will remain there no matter what you add to or remove from a pan. These modes make it easy to get excellent results whether you're warming up leftovers or making multiple sheets of cookies. The largest burner is in the center, flanked by two burners on the left and right. Freestanding stoves usually have controls in the back, are taller, and slightly deeper than slide-ins. Some important considerations are burner power and layout, how the controls work, oven size, broiler power, safety features, and extras like convection, self-cleaning, and power boost. You may get a lemon no matter what brand you buy, but if you're covered, it will make the experience a lot less painful. Many induction cooktops have a “bridge” element, allowing two burners to function as one large one. Bosch Induction Range Review – HIIP054U Not too long ago we did an article on building with premium appliances. While a fifth warming element is missing, the other features of this high-end induction range more than make up for the oversight. They are an authorized Bosch dealer and have an excellent reputation for customer service and the lowest prices. At the heart of that kitchen were the Bosch B21CL81SNS French Door refrigerator and the new HIIP054U Bosch Induction Range. Power boost on all burners--can boil water in about half the time of conventional electric, AutoChef (800 Series only) holds precision temperature using feedback from pan, FlexInduction w/PowerMove (Benchmark only) has flex zone for oversized cookware or automatically changing temp zones (Hi/Med/Low) for easy switching from cook to hold, PreciseSelect allows direct setting of burner (no menu to scroll through), 17 settings for precise heat control, including Power Boost and Keep Warm, Overhanging top eliminates cracks for easy cleaning. When you use the large zone, you only have to control one burner; when you use the PowerMove feature, you don't have to change any settings at all as the stove does it for you. Finally, if you want to spend a few hundred dollars more, you can have the FlexInduction technology that will revolutionize how you cook and make you the envy of all your friends. see the 30-inch Benchmark best online dealer price! buy 36-In bosch 800 Series induction cooktop without bevel on Amazon: buy 36-In bosch 800 Series induction cooktop with bevel on Amazon: buy the Bosch 36-in 800 Series induction cooktop at best  dealer price: Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop with bevel (36 inch), Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop without bevel (36 inch), see  bosch 36-in benchmark induction cooktop on amazon, See 36-inch Bosch Benchmark best dealer price. You should read these specific reviews on each induction range carefully to see which one of these suits your kitchen and is worthy of the best lifelong investment. Promotions Brochures Reviews Recipes. The User Manual has detailed information on each mode, and also on how to customize the settings for your preferences (indicator beeps, display preferences, panel lock, etc.). Let's start with the burners. Buying an extended warranty ensures that you get the right service should you need it. If you're considering an induction range (and you should be if you have only an electrical hookup and no gas option), Bosch induction ranges are a good choice. Café Appliances Double-Oven Range Video Review To learn more about Café Appliances double oven range, click here. The AutoChef feature exclusive to the Bosch 800 series cooktops allow for precise pan heating and the ability to maintain constant temps over an extended time period. Scratch-resistant glass ceramic cooktop with embedded controls stays cool for safety and easy cleanup. Bosch has a reputation for high-end, innovative products with beautiful design. Samsung, Bosch, and GE Profile have very good induction ranges. The Bosch 800 Series is a gourmet cook’s best friend. About     Contact    Privacy   Terms of Service, {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}, AutoChef® (Benchmark and 800 Series only), AutoChef’s innovative sensor measures the temperature from the bottom of the pan and applies only the. (Also, some people actually prefer electronic controls--they're certainly easier to keep clean, which is a huge plus.). Is this a stove you can love? However, the appliance industry has changed dramatically in this time. This is handy for deep frying, or if you want to "set and forget" a cooking job that you know has to happen at a specific temperature for a specific time. It's usually divided by the right and left sides of the cooktop. Yet electronic panels are the future, so we’re only going to see more of them in coming years. But because the entire flex zone is made up of several small heating elements, you can also use it for many small pans simultaneously. This sleek cooktop is black with gray lines to indicate burners. (Note: This Bosch has it all.). Another big plus for us is that Bosch induction cooktops for the North American market are made in the USA. The Bosch slide-ins are designed to fit in any 30-inch space without modification. The heat indicator has two stages that alert you to the cooling down process. Yes. Once running, the setting will show in the display. Check out the 30-inch Benchmark w/FlexInduction on Amazon, Check out the 36-inch Benchmark w/FlexInduction on Amazon, See the Bosch induction cooktop best dealer price. You can also download it (and more info) from their website. If all else fails, contact Bosch. You may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you buy a suite of Bosch appliances, and you will certainly save a little if you buy a Bosch range hood to go with your new induction range. When Speed Boost reverts to normal power, full power will then be available to all the burners. Clad stainless, with its copper and/or aluminum core, will distribute heat much more evenly and quickly. When auto shutoff is activated, the display flashes “F8” to indicate this. Here's how the cooktop looks with a bevel: And here's how the cooktop looks without a bevel: All Bosch induction cooktops have these safety features: Auto Shutoff: This feature turns a burner off if there has been no activity for an extended period of time, from 1-10 hours depending on the temperature of the burner. Best Induction Ranges of 2020 - Our Top 5 Picks [REVIEW & VIDEO] By John Carey. The Bosch 800 Series is a gourmet cook’s best friend. Bosch offers a ton of features that are worth having without a lot of bells and whistles that won't do much for you. The induction “burners” fall in at 9-, 6-, 11-, and 6-inches respectively. see 30-Inch Benchmark with stainless bevel on Amazonsee the 30-inch Benchmark best online dealer price! Induction likes to have a full pan before it heats up–and again, because of the burner size, you may just be getting the inner ring, and because you’re using cast iron, the heat isn’t going to distribute across the pan very well (or at least not very fast). To use the warming drawer, for example, simply press the Warming Drawer button. I know people say cast iron works with induction, but I have never had good luck with it. There are other options such as SpeedBoost, FlexInduction, and the timer (which you can set to either turn the burner off or beep when done and keep running). You're not going to find a huge price difference among different dealers, but you should check anyway because you never know when you might run into a great sale or special deal. This means you can use it with small pots. Note: You can also see an older model of this stove for a reduced price on Amazon. 2020-10-04. We think it is a great design. There will be some variability, but the range can do a remarkable job of keeping the temperature consistent. However, freestanding stoves usually have the controls on the back and are a couple of inches deeper than slide-ins, so sometimes extra trim is required if replacing a freestanding stove with a slide-in. Which are the fastest at boiling water. The oven immediately starts heating in Bake mode. 7-inch Left Front Burner (With/Without SpedBoost): 7-inch Left Rear Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 9-inch/12-inch Center Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 6-inch Right Rear Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 9-inch Right Front Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): FlexInduction and AutoChef provide convenience, Internet connectivity/smart appliance capability, Electronic controls can be problematic when surface is wet. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … NOTE: Model numbers: Bosch may change model numbers without significant changes to the cooktops. Electric cooktops heat electrical elements that transfer heat to your cookware. Electrical Hookup Required: 240V/40 amps (standard electrical stove hookup). ), Power Boost to all three burners, and a max burner power of 3700W. The marks in the FlexInduction zone indicate best pan placement. Close. Bosch also gets consistently high customer satisfaction ratings, and this particular stove is "recommended" by Consumer Reports. Required fields are marked. see bosch induction cooktops at AJ Madison. See Bosch Benchmark appliance package on A. J. Madison, See Bosch 800 Series appliance package on A. J. Madison (black stainless). Here are some of the main differences to be … The Bosch HII8055U 30 Inch Slide-in Induction Range comes with an ultra-smooth cooktop and a 4.6 cu. Whether you've decided on Bosch or are still shopping around, this article will help you decide which induction cooktop to buy. Cookware Made in the USA: A Complete Guide, Types of Yeast and How to Use Them (Infographic), The Best le Creuset Dutch Oven Deal Around (Save Big on a New Size! For many people, this may be an important difference. Bosch makes two 30-inch induction range models: the 800 Series and the Benchmark. The Flex zone is on the left and can be used as two normal burners, one large burner, or three "PowerMove" burners. Frigidaire FGIS3065PF Induction Range (Best Overall) Shop now at Amazon. If you're not familiar with appliance installations, it's well worth the money to pay a professional installer. I own both the HIIP055 and the HIIP056. I’ve no doubt you’ll get better results. Bosch 80cm Induction Cooktop with Integrated Ventilation. However, this Bosch slide-in induction stove has a trim package available if needed. See the Bosch website for more information. There are pros and cons to the sensor touch (i.e., under glass) controls: Cons: Can be slow to respond if the cooktop is wet; can require more than one move to turn an element off--if it's an emergency, this can be a problem (although, you can turn the entire cooktop off with one touch of the Power key). Press Enter to turn it on. From the large oven to the lightning fast induction cooktop, the Bosch Slide-in Induction Ranges have a lot to offer. Which are easiest to use. At first glance, the oven control panel looks big and complicated, but it really isn't. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, this 36-inch model has five burners which are ready to whip up any culinary feast. Your email address will not be published. Some modifications may be necessary in the cutout if this is a replacement unit, as cooktop sizes vary from brand to brand. (A Detailed Analysis), Amazon Prime Day: A Primer (To Help You Buy Smart and Get the Best Deals), Save More, Spend Less: A Guide to the Best Food Dehydrators. Hi Jen, The Bosch 800 Series HEI8054UC has an upscale look and heavier-duty construction than most slide-in ranges. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer: Which One Is Best For You? The “SUC” model has the stainless trim. Here are a few of the things we don't like about these ranges: Note that, if you read old reviews, some of the problems have been fixed: The new models have quieter fans and a panel lock to prevent accidental changes to the oven settings. We love both of these Bosch induction stoves, especially the Benchmark with its fancy FlexInduction cooktop, and this would be our number one pick for a 30-inch induction range. All the burners have timers that go to 99 minutes and shut the burner off automatically after the time has elapsed. (Yes, they're a German company, but they make most of their appliances in the USA.). AutoChef is a feature that holds a burner to a precise temperature. And again, the preheating will work much better with a clad stainless pan. Speed boost is a unique induction feature that pulls extra power to one or two burners for a short amount of time (usually ten minutes or less). All other settings are also one-touch buttons, including power, timers, FlexInduction, and AutoChef. The 4 stovetop burners operate at equivalents of 2200 W, 1400 W, 2400 W, and 1400 W (higher wattage is available in “boost” mode). Induction cooktops can achieve a wide range of temperatures, and they take far less time to boil than their electric or gas counterparts. The “SUC” model has the stainless bevel, while the “UC” model does not. Table of Contents. Check out best dealer price on 30-inch 800 Series Bosch induction cooktop, Check out best dealer price on 36-inch 800 Series Bosch induction cooktop. Gas cooktops use gas to ignite a flame that heats your cookware. Here is a 30 second video from Bosch describing how Flex Induction with PowerMove works: A more detailed look at the features table above. BUY THE BOSCH 30-INCH 800 SERIES AT THE BEST PRICE ON AMAZON: BUY the Bosch 800 Series induction cooktop  at best dealer price: Check Price on AmazonCheck Best Online Dealer on Benchmark, Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop with bevel, Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop without bevel. The Bosch Benchmark Induction Range cooktop is easy to use. Induction is more precise than both gas and conventional electric cooking. Bosch is a German company whose appliances fall into the affordable luxury category. They have toll free numbers to call and can answer your questions before and after the sale. Yet, because the burners still form a square, there's no guessing which element on the control panel belongs to which burner (which can sometimes be a problem on cooktops with electronic control panels). The default setting is Medium ("Med"). IMPORTANT: The oven specifications are almost identical for both models, except the Benchmark has Star K (kosher) certification and two oven lights, while the 800 Series does not have Star K certification and only one oven light. Help other people buy wisely, too! This is just the nature of cast iron, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The lines on the burners help with proper pan placement. "SafeStart": Prevents activation without cookware in proper position on a burner. ... No reviews yet Quick View . Learn how your comment data is processed. The Bosch 800 Series induction range cooktop is easy to use. One year manufacturer warranty for one year from date of purchase. The electromagnet inside an induction burner. The slide-in is meant to fit in a space between counters. What are the best induction ranges? This short video shows how PotSense works: You can set a timer for each burner individually. Add to Cart. Shop By Price. The largest burner is in the center, with two medium burners to the left and a small one to the right and in front. click here for best price on amazon for bosch 500 series 30-in. If you're looking for a full-featured oven, you can stop looking. It's at the very top of the affordable luxury category price, so a little pricey, even for induction. FlexInduction® is one of the coolest features available on induction cooktops. his particular stove is "recommended" by Consumer Reports. Those which have automatic heat-up functionality. Wait 20 seconds for the burner to turn on automatically. Smeg SAI915B 82cm Induction Cooktop; 5. Its two flex zones plus a large center burner provide endless cooking variations, from 3 large pots to several small ones simultaneously (yes--more than 5 at once!). That is, a 30 amp/240V hookup, 7200W total power, direct selection heating with 17 levels (no Plus/Minus keys! No one tests ranges like we do. Used in conjunction with the burner timer--which automatically shuts the burner off when the time has elapsed--AutoChef can come in very handy. Required fields are marked. At high temps, the time is an hour; at low temps, the time is up to 10 hours. The Range is beautiful and after a week and a half I have no complaints with the Range although it was not my first choice (which was another Bosch a higher model and not carried by Best Buy). The 800 Series and Benchmark are available with or without a steel bevel; the 500 Series is only available without a bevel. AutoChef (precision temperature control) on left front and right front burners. Add to Cart. Cooktop and oven features--know what's right for you. For all of these reasons, we enthusiastically recommend Bosch induction cooktops. The 500 Series is bare bones, but has the same power and safety features as the 800 Series and Benchmark. ft. ovens with European convection and an 8 pass broiler system. The Bosch 800 Series induction cooktop is equipped with Home Connect™, Bosch's Internet connectivity that allows you to control the cooktop from any smart home device or smart phone, connect your smart appliances together with IFTT technology, monitor remotely, operate the range hood, and more. Induction cooking has been on the market in some form or another since the late 19th Century. SEE THE BOSCH 800 SERIES INDUCTION RANGE AT wal-mart.COM. The Bosch HII8055U 30 Inch Slide-in Induction Range comes with an ultra-smooth cooktop and a 4.6 cu. Because of the Plus/Minus keys, it may take you longer to set temperatures and use the timer. ft. is considered smallish), but the oven is large enough to hold a large turkey or an 18"x13" baking sheet, which makes it functional for most needs. 6-inch Front Right Burner (With/Without SpeedBoost): 1800W/1400W. It does not change the price of the cooktop. We also recommend buying from an appliance dealer over Amazon. Induction slide-in ranges offer consistent element temperature settings for more precise cooking results. Compare Compare. For example, if you're pan searing a protein and now want to lower the temperature to make a pan sauce, you simply move the skillet to the central zone; if you want to keep dish warm for serving, merely move it to the rear zone--no settings required. You can read more about these differences below. Are Bosch Induction Cooktops Good Quality? While neither feature is necessary, both are useful. Before buying, make sure there are certified service technicians in your area. Also because of the cool surface, induction cooktops are easy to clean--no cooked on goop. You turn it on, select a burner, and press a number in the line below (1-9, with half steps included) to adjust the setting. The AutoChef® feature exclusive to the Bosch 800 Series and Benchmark cooktops allow for precise pan heating to constant temperatures. buy bosch 24-in 500 series induction cooktop on aj madison now: Check Price on AmazonCheck best dealer price. Key Features. 240V/30A-60Hz (standard American electrical requirements). Bosh 80cm induction cooktop series 6 is the definition of fast cooking. The Bosch induction range has 11 oven modes: Bake, convection bake, convection multi-rack, pizza, roast, convection roast, broil, convection broil, proof, warm, and Sabbath mode. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bosch HIIP054U: 30" Induction Slide-in Range Benchmark Series - Stainless Steel at By increasing the power on the burner, the power boost lets you heat water at a faster-than-normal rate. And in 2017, as well as previous years, J. D. Power, the global research firm, gave Bosch the highest ranking in two appliance categories: cooktops and wall ovens. This is a great layout, allowing for good pan placement and easy access to all four burners. I am willing to suck it up and get whichever one if there is a compelling reason to choose one over the other. See the Bosch 800 series induction range at Here's a look at the Bosch Benchmark slide-in induction range cooktop (courtesy of See "Cooktop Controls" below for a close-up view of the control panel. Installation is pretty standard for electric cooktops. Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews – Questions Answered… Differences between the Bosch 500 Series 30-inch and the Bosch 800 Series. The 24-inch is not a standard cooktop size in the US, but this is an excellent option for small spaces: RVs, boat galleys, or any tiny kitchen. The Bosch slide-ins are designed to fit in any 30-inch space. I watched your videos and I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble with your Bosch induction cooktop. The control panel is matching gray and located in the front center under the glass (which makes for easy cleanup). Read on for detailed descriptions. The Bosch induction range is a slide-in model that will easily replace or fit into any 30-inch freestanding range cutout. It has a large rear-center burner, a small front-right burner, and the flex zone along the left side. It has the same user controls as the bigger Bosch induction cooktops and the same features as the bigger 500 Series induction cooktops. The cooktop is very effective and heats up very quickly so that no … While the timer is running you can check the elapsed time, change the timer setting, clear the timer setting, and set time for as many burners as you wish. The black Bosch PUE611BB1E's automatic pan recognition lets you feel safer knowing the stove is only on when a pan is present.

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