This recipe makes enough pesto for 2-3 rounds of pasta, each serving 3-4. Wrap one end of the towel one way, then the other end of the towel the other and squeeze out as much moisture as you can. Blend with traditional pesto ingredients… olive oil , garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan, and you end up with a delicious twist on the traditional basil pesto. Bon appetit! 3 thoughts on “ Spring Nettle Pesto {vegan} ” Alexandra | Occasionally Eggs April 22, 2017 at 1:52 pm. Heat oven to 300°F. I also have a fun recipe for ramp pesto and one for arugula pesto, too. I do make nettle tea, although in a more traditional process with dried pulverized nettles. Add the garlic to the mortar, then pound it all enough so that the pieces don't fly around. Chop them fine before making the pesto. 2 – 6 cloves garlic according to taste Either way, you add 1 tablespoon at a time, pounding and stirring to incorporate it. The nutrient content of nettles is incredible- we recommend nettle as a staple for people who are dairy free, as a tonic in pregnancy, and as a general restorative for all. What are stinging nettles? Add the … Culinary. Blanch nettle for 1 to 2 minutes. 1 tablespoon lemon zest When she isn’t thinking about marketing strategy or teaching workshops at the Mother Earth News Fair, Raychel can be found adventuring in the outdoors, foraging for wild mushrooms, fermenting fresh veggies in her kitchen, or hanging out with her hubby and sweet rescue dogs. By Hank Shaw on March 12, 2016, Updated May 13, 2020 - 14 Comments. Freeze Nettle Stock/Nettle Tea. Stinging Nettle Pesto Recipe. Even if you’ve never worked with nettles before, you probably know that they, well, sting. It’s oh-my-eat-it-with-a-spoon delicious. I’ve heard of nettle beer. fresh nettle leaves and stems (or 2 cups dried organic nettle leaf) 2-3 oz. ¼ cup Kosher salt. I spent my childhood in Iowa trying to avoid the nettle’s sting. So you can store this pesto in the fridge for up to a week, maybe more. Rinse nettles in a colander and let drain. ½ cup sun-dried tomatoes. This pesto makes a tasty spread on bread or crackers, a delicious dip for fresh veggies, or a sauce for pasta. I prefer Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, but any good hard cheese will do. Get a huge pot of water boiling and add a handful of salt. Harvest stinging nettle and green garlic (use garlic cloves as alternative). Get a cloth towel, like a tea towel, and put the nettles in it. Make a local blend. This is a basic pesto recipe with nettles subbing in for basil. Sesame seeds give the pesto a cool flavor. 1 teaspoon flaky sea salt, preferably Maldon. And once you do that, make this Stinging Nettle Pesto Pasta. Use immediately, refrigerate, or freeze. Grab the nettles with tongs and put them into the boiling water. Add the garlic to the mortar, then pound it all enough so that the pieces don't fly around. Nettles are an incredibly nutritious perennial green — a weed, technically. With her master’s degree in journalism from the University of Iowa, Raychel enjoys storytelling in all its forms and especially relishes the opportunities to visit our farm partners in the Pacific Northwest and across the globe, shining a light on the remarkable efforts these hardworking farmers are doing to grow and nourish our beloved botanicals. You can make this in a food processor, but it will not be the same. Picking stinging nettle and using it in various recipes is well worth the effort. 4 cups stinging nettle leaves. Depends on how you are using your pesto. It can also make for a nutritious tea. Pesto can be made from really anything — you don’t even need a green thing, strictly speaking. Nettle Pesto Recipe. When making nettle pesto, remember that blanching greatly reduces the amount of nettles. You can use basil in its place, or parsley or some other nice green thing. I chopped and salted the pure nettle ferment; 8 ounces of leaves fit perfectly in a half-pint jar. Once nettle has cooled (about 5 minutes), remove nettle by the handful and squeeze out water. There are several varieties of nettles, the best being Urtica dioica and U. urens. You want it with some texture. You can also use different nuts; walnuts make a good pesto with nettles. ¼ cup olive oil. For this recipe, we harvested about 8 loose cups of stinging nettles… You can use it as you would spinach, for example my mom makes a mean lasagna with nettle. Serve as a spread on bread, as an additive to a minestrone (like. How much?

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