See more ideas about Plants, Companion planting, Tropical garden. I included some Magenta Pentas, and Little BlackieImopoena Vine. If that's the case, I'll bet that's a beautiful combination. Persian Shield. This list of hosta companion plants will help you fill in those borders with other shade loving plants. Although I can't see the flower to know for sure, it looks to me like it's planted with heliotrope in your original picture, Safari. In USDA Zone 10 and higher, Persian shield can get quite bushy and makes a wonderful focal point. The yellow Calibrachoa is just enough to offset the magenta blooms of the more prostrate Calibrachoa. ... Persian Shield: Persian Shield: Geranium, Fancy Leaf: Persian Queen: Fancy Geranium: Fairy Plant: Peperomia prostrata 'Spring of: … Persian shield plant care. Mar 5, 2019 - Gorgeous purple Persian shield plants with variegated dracaena ("corn" plant) make a stunning combo. Suggested uses. Think I need to go light on the artwork. These tropical plants may bloom year-round when grown outdoors in a frost-free climate or greenhouse, but will otherwise bloom from May until January if overwintered indoors. Impatiens ,Dianthus,Periwinkle. Part sun. Snapdragon. It can be planted in perennial beds or used effectively in larger container gardens. Only of what's inside my greenhouse. Species. ... Persian Shield. The iridescent purple leaves shimmer with a hint of silver. Shades of purple and silver make a high impact container. I planted mine with the variegated and spotted forms of Cast Iron plant, holly fern, black sweet potato vine, and the Zebrina species of wandering Jew (the little vining iridescent striped one?) I love that these plant combinations all focus attention back on the Persian Shield. na. Combined with a blend of other natural wood mulch the fallen leaves could be gathered and/or left inside the border to decompose and return nutrition to the trees. Savings: 1: $10.99: … Persian shield makes a striking border plant, particularly when paired with soft gray greens or chartreuse. ... Companion Plants. ... Companion Plants. Sympathy extended with suggestions: Skip the coffee table -- that would just be a knee knocker in such a small space. Get Started. Because of its colorful foliage, it pairs nicely with silver plants like artemisia or chartreuse plants like 'Margarita' ornamental sweet potato. The shelf lamp combo would enable you to display some treasures. Right now its difficult to tell what the function of the space is, but if the space is simply a garden alongside the driveway, why not let it be just that - a wide garden space with a defined hard border (split face block, stone, brick, etc.) Product Details - 'Persian Shield' Click anywhere to close this view area. Hardier than other Strobilanthes species. Common name. Strobilanthes dyeriana . A narrow end table lamp combo would provide some small storage and a table top. Roses and bearded iris make an excellent combination. 'Blue Giant' Succulent: Succulent: Orostachys boehmeri: Succulent: Succulent: … Add some drama and interest in your plant collection with these 13 unique Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants that come in rare metal-like foliage. Each leaf can reach 4 to 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. Lavender makes an excellent companion plant for other Mediterranean herbs with similar cultural needs, such as rosemary, sage and thyme. Saved by Linda Peterson. Height. where the root-zone/edges currently are and some occasional low growing shade and acid loving plants just along the inside edges of that border that will help to 'corral' the leaves in the open space left between the plants and trees. Wonderful for combination plantings. 29. About the Persian Shield. I was playing with color combinations and got to thinking about Persian Shield. :), Nourish your rosebushes and create a visual feast with these 7 classic and unexpected plant pairings, Transform a shade garden with moisture-loving golden grasses, textural leaves and a sprinkling of flowers. Strobilanthes rankanensis (Persian shield) will reach a height of 0.9m and a spread of 0.9m after 5-10 years. What are the good companion plants for Persian Shield? It will bud light blue flowers for a short time throughout the year. Petunia. 36-48" (91-122 cm) Habit. New Guinea impatiens add even more color to Persian shield in shaded container gardens. And the plan was to tie it in with a solid lamp like the base Tom Dixon in rubbed brass shade. i combined mine with copper plants, chenille plants ( both acalyphas ) those blackish coleus plants, portulacas and bright pink madagascar periwinkles. For more information on Persian shield, contact your county Extension office. Item Strobilanthes 'Persian Shield' Qty: Price ea. Use as an accent or specimen in beds, planters and window boxes. Can't wait for it all to grow in!! One of my favorite combos is persian shield, Pretoria canna and fiery red coleous. The beautiful leaves of the Persian shield plant (botanical name strobilanthes dyerianus) offers vibrant color far longer than a flowering plant. Simple Pleasures RECIPE. Upright. LOL. Wonderful complimenting other plants of silver and purple colors or used as contrast to those displaying gold and pink hues. Growing Persian shield. Garden Yard Ideas Garden Projects Garden Boxes Container Plants Container Gardening Container Flowers Outdoor … ... Persian Shield – the colorful foliage adds impact in hosta beds. I use Pretoria canna, margerite sweet potato vine, alocasia, yellow or green coleus, ficus "Sylvie" and other cannas. The plant flowers in winter with small violet flowers. Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) Join the Club to Manage Your Garden Plant Details; ... silvery sheen. Did it get crispy. The metallic color is common in nature but quite rare in plants. Although they can grow in medium shade, the color will be the most vivid in full sun. Plant with any purple, silver or white annuals such as SunPatiens and Euphorbia (filler), Lobelia and Torenia (filler/spiller), and Dichondra as a "spiller". With such a vast variety of houseplants available, it becomes quite tough to choose one that’s best for you. We do not currently have companion plants added for this plant. Coleus may be the go-to foliage plant for some gardeners, but Persian shield is a stunning foliage plant that works equally well in summer gardens. I have Persian Shield all over the place in our "back yard", under Live Oaks. ... companion plants for persian shield - Google Search. You can plant red Begonias and Coleus together in one pot or in a shady spot of the garden. I am trying a Tropical look at one end of house. Companion planting is used by farmers and gardeners. Another plus to this plant is that deer and rabbit don’t seem to … Persian Shield: An Exotic Specimen Plant STROBILANTHES DYERIANUS. Botanical name. … It does take a lot of water the more sun it has though. ... Persian shield or Strobilanthes dyerianus is that pretty purple plant that you just have to have when you see it. I am experimenting with the Persian Shield to see if it will grow in the more shady areas of my garden. Strobilanthes Strobilanthes . Any suggestions? You can start with very small plants and by the end of the season have very sizeable specimens to fill your garden bed. Two of my favorites are purple fountain grass and Persian shield. lets you build virtual gardens, share your gardening pictures, rate gardens, take gardening quizzes, search for plants by attribute such as type, soil, sun, water needs, plus hundreds more, and has hundreds of helpful articles related to …'s selection includes perennials, annuals, petunias, coneflowers, and other flowers and plants. Not all Persian shield plants bloom, and, if they do, it's usually in fall or winter. I'll be planting 4 of them in part shade. A good group of companion plants could include Ferns, Caladiums, Lambs Ears, Silver Plectranthus, and Impatients. In greenhouses, the plant should be positioned to get bright, … By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist. It can be wintered over as a houseplant. It will perform best if it's planted in a rich, well-drained soil that receives regular watering. Persian shield perennial. It produces 4- to 7-inch (10 to 18 cm.) New Garden Plants is your convenient online garden plants center. Every experienced gardener knows how important foliage plants are in the garden. Here in Florida, it's best to plant it in partial to full shade. Persian shield, Royal purple plant . Botanical name. Makes a dependable mixed border plant. Let me try photoshopping what I'm envisioning in this vignette. It can be planted in perennial beds or used effectively in larger container gardens. This unusual plant displays carmine highlights on shimmering copper-purple to metallic blue leaves. Mulch well. Persian shield can also be propagated from cuttings, so it makes a great passalong plant. Growing Persian shield requires warm temperatures and sultry humid air. Gardening Companion Garden App; Ask A Gardening Question; ... Information About Persian Shield Plants. Small Living Room Dining Room combination IS IT POSSIBLE? RJ, I don't have photos of those particular beds. It may even overwinter some years in cooler climates. Just idling the winter away waiting for the season to start. Persian Shield. This container uses purple fountain grass, magenta Calibrachoa and white Bacopa. There isnt much that you can do to make it a safe zone for a patio/deck though. Persian shield is a phenomenal foliar specimen. Tubtrug Colander. Impatiens, New Guinea. The Persian shield plant (Strobilanthes dyerianus) has luminous silvered purple leaves. The brug combo sounds interesting but brugs are sun plants, how did the p shield do there? Persian shield for sale. Underplanting, Ground Cover, Garden edging, Beds and borders. Those leaf spines can be nasty to sit on or in a tender foot, a good enough reason to just 'let them be' in their own space. The floor lamp table combo will hold a coffee cup or glass. Aug 8, 2014 - Explore Frosty Grog's board "Companion Plants" on Pinterest. Grover, I did consider a tripod lamp. Showy, tropical plant with incredible iridescent silver to purple oval to lance shaped foliage commonly used as an annual "thriller/filler" in sunny container gardens. Oct 29, 2016 - Explore Dawna S. Malone's board "companion planting guide" on Pinterest. Other names. They could always be 'blown out' if too many collect on top but if you live in an Eastern US climate, as I'm guessing by the photo, you probably get enough moisture during the year to help them decay fairly quickly. Feed. Zone. I use Pretoria canna, margerite sweet potato vine, alocasia, yellow or green coleus, ficus "Sylvie" and other cannas. Sun. Persian Shield Plant. The things you will need to try your hand at propagating Persian Shield are as follows: Some type of planting container. Persian shield flower. Genus. Persian shield is small plant and can grow in containers with out problems.

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