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Employee Documents
• Benefit Information
Allied Benefit Systems
American Fidelity Assurance Company
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School Employees’ Benefit Trust (SEBT)
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VSP (Vision Insurance)

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Direct Deposit
Form W4
Student Teacher/Intern Accounts Request Form
Employment Forms
Verification PGP Points

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Social Media Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Bullying Policy
Section 504

• Handbooks & Manuals
Student Handbooks
Handbook for Classified Personnel
Discussion/Personnel Manual

• Contracts (accessible twice – cross linked)
Administrators’ Contracts 2017- 2018
Teachers’ Contracts 2016 – 2017
Superintendent Contract

Technology  (not sure if we need this….if it links out to tech page all information will reside in that location)
Technology Knowledge Base
Technology Resources
Bloomboard login
Destiny Library Access
Skyward Professional Development Center
ESC Ticket Link
Staff Links
The Learning Connection
Destiny Library Access
Eastbrook Lands’ End Store
ISTEP+ Parent Network
Transportation Information
Procedural Safeguards (not sure what this from)
Technology Page
Staff Email (repeat?)
Skyward (repeat)
Bullying Policy
Verification PGP Points (repeat from forms)
ESC Ticket Link (will be on tech page and repeat)
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Skyward PDC
Account Request Form