Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing Vol.8 No.2, May 25, 2020 DOI: 10.4236/jdaip.2020.82005 Downloads Views This article belongs to the Special Issue on . This study established the food types consumed, suppliers, and challenges faced in their trade in Kagadi Town Council (KTC), Uganda. For each topic, suggestions are made regarding what ought to be the focus in the classroom, based on the author's own trial-and-error experience. In terms of qualitative data analysis, Denscombe (2010) mentioned few principles by for qualitative data analysis… The article then discusses searching for relationships, an important aspect as, whilst the methods that have been discussed in this article are useful in summarising and providing descriptive information about the variables, policy-and public analysts are more interested in the relationships between the variables. data. The analysis of the quantitative data was done with the help of MS Excel and the qualitative data was analysed by converting the interviews into transcript using MAXQDA and through manual thinking. The main aim of this study is to provide its readers an insight into the digital marketing tools used by amateur electronic dance music producers; who can otherwise be called ‘bedroom producers’. Drawing on the study results, recommendation on ESD governance is proposed. Two basic approaches are identified namely, quantitative and qualitative research designs as well as the use of a number of these quantitative and qualitative techniques. The results indicate that the main foods in KTC are; crops, and poultry, fish, beef, and goat meats. In addition Qualitative data analysis is a search for general statements about relationships among categories of data." Topological data analysis (TDA) is a collection of powerful tools that can quantify shape and structure in data in order to answer questions from the data’s domain. The connection has been made between Mobile Money and financial inclusion, thus we now need to make the connect between Mobile Money improvement in the lives of people specifically (in the context of this paper) persons running small and medium-sized enterprises. The objectives of IJDATS are to promote discussions, deliberations and debates on different data analysis principles, architectures, techniques, methodologies, models, as well as the appropriate strategies and applications for various decision-making environments. A User’s Guide to Topological Data Analysis Elizabeth Munch Department of Mathematics and Statistics University at Albany – SUNY, Albany, NY, USA [email protected] ABSTRACT. "Data analysis is the process of bringing order, structure and meaning to the mass of collected data. International Journal of Qualitative Methods 2009, 8(3) 2 Keywords: focus group, focus group analysis, micro-interlocutor analysis, conversation analysis Authors’ note: Correspondence should be addressed to Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Department of Educational Leadership and … PDF | T his article considers the analysis of data in quantitative research. Find out more. Included in this article is The purpose of Data Analysis is to extract useful information from data and taking the decision based upon the data analysis. All rights reserved. Pulse shape analysis was additionally used for the separation of neutron and γ-quanta events. Making sense of data in the form of graphics, video, audio, and text requires clear thinking that is aided by theory, models, constructs, and perhaps metaphor. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Several studies have been embarked on in several parts of the world on the impact of Mobile Money. This approach accepts the use of theory-driven coding system while still allowing data-driven themes to emerge inductively from the meaning-making of participants (Fereday and Muir-Cochrane 2006; ... Qualitative data was analyzed thematically. Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing (JDAIP) is an openly accessible journal published quarterly. All rights reserved. Next to her field notes or interview transcripts, the qualita - tive analyst jots down ideas about the meaning of the text and how it might relate concepts, methods, design and process of a social research. It further shares several activities used to teach qualitative data analysis techniques to However, a lack of policy negotiation and dialogue has contributed to a superficial engagement with, and uptake of, the ESD policy ideas and directives in Taiwan. Using the survey procedure and interview data collection technique. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. nontechnical set of data analysis procedures. To create this insight, a series of five social studies were designed using a mixed research methods approach, using new and interactive technology to capture this data. 1996. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Lutabingwa, J., Vokopola, Z. and Bejtja, I. The prompt fission neutron energy was obtained using the time-of-flight method. Examples of coding and editing decisions A typical criterion for HIV seropositivity is a repeatedly -positive ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) for HIV antibody confirmed with a Western blot to identify the Evidence on the ground suggests that the concept has been deliberately twisted, highly politicised, and manipulated as an instrument of exclusionary politics played at racial, political, class, and nationality levels, with the effect of calculatively side-lining potential beneficiaries, as well as facilitating the expropriation and dispossession of critical resources and assets from perceived “foreigners” in the country. Since the study follows a mixed model, the quantitative analysis of the study will analyse the popular tools using questionnaire and the qualitative study of finding the motivation behind selecting these tools will be evaluated through a series of interviews. This study will find out the popular digital marketing tools used by these producers and will also find out what motivates them to use these tools. Keywords: secondary data analysis, school librarians, technology integration 1. ", Implementing a national policy initiative to support education for sustainable development: lessons from Taiwan’s Environmental Education Act, Food staffs available on Market Stalls and Restaurants in Rural-Urban Centers; a Case of Kagadi Town, Uganda, Impact of Mobile Money on SMEs in Ghana Since 2018 Final, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECTS OF FINANCIAL FRAUD MANAGEMENT AND MITIGATION STRATEGIES ON THE SUSTAINABILITY OF MEDIUM SIZE ENTERPRISE IN THE CENTRE REGION OF CAMEROON, Self-assessment: A learner-centred approach towards transforming traditional practices and building self-directed learners, Subservient to the upper echelon: how information systems managers practice strategic alignment in the public higher education sector, Benefits and Challenges of Teaching a Dramatic Text through Role-Play, FOSTERING MOTIVATIONAL AWARENESS THROUGH THE ECLECTIC APPROACH IN A LITERATURE CLASS: THE CASE OF ALGERIAN EFL LEARNERS SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES, Promoting Motivational Awareness through the Eclectic Approach in Literacy Classes: The Case of Fourth year ENS Students of English, Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research with and without Qualitative Data Analysis Software.

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