The Jumex Foundation website (redesigned multiple times since the museum opened in 2012) has gotten a little better at promoting shows as they’re scheduled to open, and that includes nearly a full slate for 2017. It opened in November 2008. Ciudad Universitaria The University Museum of Contemporary Art of UNAM is the first museum created ex profeso — that is — expressly for contemporary art in all Mexico. Knowledge, after all, belongs to everyone. The museum showcases various art mediums, such as installation, performance and multimedia. Visit the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. Graced by the iconic whale from artist, Gabriel Orozco, it’s always a good library for art and visual spectacle. The University Museum of Contemporary Art of UNAM is the first museum created ex profeso— that is — expressly for contemporary art in all Mexico. Jueves y Sábado 10:00 a 20:00 hrs. Contemporary art is always a tough cookie. The building was designed by architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon and the design itself attracts architecture and design lovers. Si vienes por Av. 10,754 reviews. #3 of 184 Museums in Mexico City. Insurgentes Sur 3000 Centro Cultural Universitario, del. The University Museum of Contemporary Art of UNAM is the first museum created ex profeso — that is — expressly for contemporary art in all Mexico. Inaugurated just in 1981, it became part of the National Institute of Fine Arts just a few later. República de el Salvador 49, Centro Histórico, col. Centro Histórico. Universidad [Line 3 green], and take the “Pumabus” 3 (green) Zona Cultural. Ciudad Universitaria After centuries downtown, Mexico’s National Autonomous University's main campus was moved to the city’s (then) far south in 1954, to a gleaming, contemporary quadrant designed to symbolize the nation’s engagement with intellectuality as well as its forward-thinking outlook. With a permanent collection of some 2,000 pieces by blue-chip Mexican artists like Orozco, Rivera and especially Siqueiros, it’s a must-see for the twilight of Mexican Modernism. Gracias a por ofertar esta plataforma tan clara que resulta muy práctica para aquellos que disfrutamos de los museos y las actividades que en ellos se realizan. del Imán sigue la salida que dice Ciudad Universitaria. The architect was Teodoro González de León, who also co-designed the National Auditorium (Auditorio Nacional), Reforma 222 and the Museo Rufino Tamayo. But a renewed focus on contemporary art keeps things fresh and includes 300 drawings, paintings, engravings, lithographs, collages, photographs, installations, artists’ books, sculptures, videos and more. … Blvd. In the penultimate edition of Burning Man, Pablo Gonzalez and his team decided to go a step beyond the great proposal that is Mayan Warrior, by presenting Ilumina, this piece of sacred geometry that radiates not only light but an algorithmic sacrality, it’s as mystical and hypnotic as an art piece can get. Mexico City's Ten Best New Restaurants for 2019, The Top Ten Best Mexican Beers According to There’s a lot to look at. The piece of art combines technology with a design of ancient wisdom. Check the link below for an idea. He later donated the collection to the Mexican people in order to better present the world artistic panorama to them. Here are some photos of this beautiful project, in which lies the probability of a coherent and luminous future that would be worth living. Address: Paseo de la Reforma 51, Bosque de ChapultepecPhone: 4122 8200Website. Address: Circuito Interior S / N, Coyoacán, Ciudad UniversitariaWebsite. There was a large industrial design team that shaped the exact model that was taken to manufacturing. It is located in the Centro Cultural Universitario inside the UNAM's University City. Founded in 1928, it’s one of the cities true public art spectacles. Of all Mexico City libraries, the oldest were part of the church and one or another of its offshoot organizations. The Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo ("University Museum of Contemporary Art"), also known as MUAC, is a large contemporary art museum on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). They’ll occasionally host the blow-out party for the kids, but by and large, they keep a low profile – even while “hiding” some of the city’s most earth-shattering recent aesthetic discoveries. Ilumina is a metallic art monument, completed with aluminum and LED lights that together form an architectural piece full of harmony. Opened by Benito Juárez in 1867, there’s still a good one million books inside, today administered by the folks from UNAM. Geometric, and massive, it’s an extraordinary place to visit. $20 Wednesday-Sunday. Though it’s been put to a good half dozen uses since then, as one of the city’s liveliest contemporary art museums it’s been going strong since 1975. Specializing in economic materials, this collection of some 86,350 books and 114,852 journals is administered by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit. Address: Revolución 1608, col. San ÁngelTelephone: 8647 5450Website. Represented are leading artists from a variety of artistic movements, both mainstream and underground. $40 Tuesday-thursday Contemporary art museums are tough, too. Somehow the aesthetic sensibility, the discovery of the admirable or the frankly beautiful that any of us can perceive, finds a vehicle, a means of transmission and expression in how art can be magnified through technology. Yes, it conditions it, but possibly also encourages it to transcend those limitations. We’ve written a lot about it in these pages, but the UNAM library with the Juan O’Gorman murals remains one of the most outstanding of all Mexico City libraries. ... Re-establish memories," the show at the contemporary art museum of … For budget travelers, Mexico City libraries were always among the most attractive, free attractions to visit. At the end of the 1970s, Oaxacan artist, Rufino Tamayo, began to acquire works to form his own collection of contemporary international art. The tower of almost 12 meters high illuminated the Nevada desert at the Burning Man Festival 2017, and users managed to enter a mental state full of concentration characterized by a complete absorption, a wonderful moment of loss of the notion of spacetime. Designed by Teodoro González de León, the building gives space to lively debate and critical experimentation for in which the very axis of museum-studies centers squarely on the individual visitor. The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes) is one of the most iconic … An intriguing experience with Mexico’s people and politics awaits in Mexico City, a mosaic of modern and historic culture. Museums highlight some of the country’s most notable artists The list below is intended to let you enjoy some of that system, too. In this sense, the relationship between one and another human activities could be found in virtually any era, but it is certainly in recent times when technology has a presence, so persistent, somehow so inescapable, that art has been benefited for incorporating it. If you want to know more about this beautiful project or about the creative artist and allies that integrate it, visit their social media channels: Though the internet makes lots more information available to lots more people, Mexico City libraries have simply not been supplanted. One of Centro’s truly outstanding historical buildings, for centuries it was the convent of the Clarisas from the 16th century. Resetting Memories, on view at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) in Mexico City through October 6, 2019, brings to the forefront an unsettled historical moment in Mexico's recent past. The MUAC is a 14,000 square-foot contemporary art museum on the grounds of Mexico City's largest public university. Centro Cultural Universitario [Línea 1 Insurgentes], Si vienes por Insurgentes o Periférico sigue las salidas que dicen Centro Cultural Universitario. Today it’s something like a “Library of Congress” with a stunning collection of publications and artifacts, but also with a lush, deep, dark intellectual interior, that beckons from centuries past. Among the most beautiful of museums in the south of the city, the Carillo Gil was named for the contemporary collector and mid-20th-century super-benefactor, Dr. Álvar Carrillo Gil. We are an independent plaform that seeks to connect the city’s inhabitants and visitors with its many museums, with the goal of promoting the cultural and touristic development. Opened just ten years ago, in 2006, the Vasconcelos is visited by thousands for the sheer spectacle of its innovative design. Mexican contemporary art found a home in The MUAC. Specialty Museums. Kurimanzutto. Es sin duda uno de los mejores museos en la ciudad, vale la pena visitarlo. But like everything chic and sassy, Mexico City’s contemporary art museums are relatively discreet. Photographs this page: Flickr – Creative Commons, ILUMINA, an alien-like sculpture of light and sound that shines with emotions, El León de Oro, a Nostalgic Feeling of 20th Century Mexico, Torre Reforma: Latin America's Greenest Skyscraper, Mexico City’s Five Best Contemporary Art Museums.

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