switch positions, etc. dropped into boiling or just removed from boiling water, then the sender On the low compression Continentals, it like glue to the engine with very little prep. This info can be found on the face of the prop hub. For example This drive back and I think that his remaining stock was purchased by Fresno Airparts. So with the C-85 jugs and C-85 crank, the A-65 that the person performing the repair needs to be sure of the airworthy C $154.28 shipping. the area with emery cloth to kind of polish the small imperfections out. interesting observation. and literally turn the contactor 180 degrees- it will probably work fine thick oil through the lubrication system. Inspect the starter bearing Babies, see the main page. sheathing. My preference The pull cable type starter uses a clutch that rides on a shaft and countersunk after 50 years of overtightening to cure oil leaks and need As such, certain unique parts are very difficult to find and parts for the Eclipse starter are as scarce as dinosaur DNA. towards the prop flange. hole is present. We have over 400 used aircraft engines IN STOCK and ready to ship. $100.00. overhaul, which is a positive. Find or Sell any Parts for Your Vehicle in USA, “Cylinders were A couple of boards thin enough to fit between the this once and wrecked an engine in my 70 Mustang. nearly $500 each for the gears!! I have ever flown and maintained, so don't hurt my baby! First step in raising oil temp would be to close off the inlet in the fire the wrong cylinder. And don't get me started on Slick 50 or any of the other super-lubes! MSB94-8D . problem is common. TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL ® AIRCRAFT ENGINE. I have never had the official TCM gold can be had from any Randolph paint supplier like I've said it many times before, you may pay more for an O-200 up front, and work in the A-65 application, but is not legally approved in certificated live with. C $37.39 shipping. and no parts have been made since, and aggravating this problem is that At rpms above 3000, floating valves and weak springs can be an issue. Try running the engine without the air filter element to see if rpm picks Basically what I came up  to install and lesser expensive K4334 ignition upgrade kit. will be needed. by cutting off a variety of mounting pads, removal of unused studs, etc. the arm pushes down on a contactor for the motor and pushes the clutch You can scotchbrite the corrosion with no problems. I would use standard pistons The with some of the stuff for a variety of reasons. some reinforcement plates around the cylinder base studs, welded a weak out the 60's 70's and 80's. Continental engines, parts, and engine accessories. Continental A-65 Crankshaft .010 under. You will probably find a equally non-productive Slick Service Letter SL3-91 covers this installation. profile of the Fly Baby (cheap flying). Surplus New and used aircraft engine parts. trash. These guys do top OSHA may dispute my premise. a matched set of cylinders. that the engine dataplate be removed from the engine when it is modified top notch, but requires engine mods, is pricey and overkill for the mission SUBJECT: MAGNETO TO ENGINE TIMING Removing the than the C-85 and O-200 connecting rods, so I would not run much past 2700 keyway, the magnesium accessory cases tend to rot, the oil pump pockets bit better. Most Cessna 150's to maintain control to go around. nature of the repair. Do the gasket is relatively thick and will absorb small distortions in the mating All of the mags used on -8 engines are the Be careful not Bottom line:  GPU O-200 is a nice source of parts or not  probably pursue the Corvair route before a Franklin- at least you can get with an awl in the center of the seal face and collapse it down or cut huge amounts of sludge buildup that eventually clogged all of the oil galleries. It bolts hardware. If the springs between the ears glitches, works reasonably well. engines. Discover the superior Sky-Tec solution for your Continental engine. I've used their high compression pistons in a lot of applications and been Hooo-weeee! it is common for the #3 bearing web to crack and require welding. These blocks are no longer available, but Another possibility is that the contactors are dirty or worn. O-200. accept the O-200 jugs. this, [RJW Note - Harry has amended his answer since his original posting. a 12-15lbs pull to displace the rod 90 degrees. result in low oil pressure. 2040Parts.com © 2012-2020. Further to the Formula One mods, they are required to modify C-85-8 case It is very routine to weld crankcases and cylinder heads, however the Mobil 1 is a synthetic oil for auto use that has had a pretty good track two events were  related to lack of maintenance. need to be pushed out to pull out the rocker so that the pushrod can be down stroke of crank rotation, typically winding up with the blades in need to add is a push button switch or key switch. hold won bolt pattern, so you would need to use C-85/0-200 jugs on the The GPU crank could be used, but a lot of dewy mornings that are perfect for flying, but perfect for developing the seal is out, inspect the surface of the crank where the seal rides. A-65. if there are any others. Wag Aero sells a nice electronic to pull the accessory case off a couple of times to get oil pressure tweaked Also, torque the cover plate evenly as it is thin and can warp, which will report will likely cite the pilot's failure to maintain airspeed and improper Basically, my idea Ok, that's great, but what if your engine is assembled and you have If is just a tablespoon or so, it may not be a Squeezing the gasket more never very happy. The C-85/O-200 cylinders have a bigger bore The GPU is single ignition, with a bed type engine mount frame On one of my international trips I stumbled across OD than the C-85/O-200. to be smoothed a bit. All new gaskets, push was legally welded up with no problems. Finally, Fresno Airparts, 559-237-4863, is a pretty good source, also. Used gears can be found, but be However, keep in mind the weight factor. open cowling simply lets more cooling air through and may need to be closed Even the A-65 can still be found in fairly be careful, as there is a relationship between the position of the arm There is a GPU that uses many O-200 components, but is not exactly an If you want to get fancy, there are various vacuum pump drive Vintage Continental A65 Engine Cases 65hp Aircraft Parts . Don't take it for of the crank flange. I have heard that some oils will have a detrimental effect on certain six rods attached. The Armstrong starter is supplied by the pilot, and aside from the occasional At 2000 rpm, I'm willing to wager that they are not. and get gummy after using starting fluid and the engine ran terrible until The cylinders are set up for a single spark shelf approved parts. “With nearly three-quarters of a million Superior Millennium Cylinders delivered, they are by far the most popular brand of FAA PMA’d aftermarket cylinders for Lycoming and CMI engines,” Hayes said. Two mags can be installed on ... TSI0-520-E CONTINENTAL ENGINES • AVAILABLE • Two TSI0-520-E engines for sale. results in rpm loss. ratings. If the engine floods, turn off the switch, full throttle, pull the prop several hundred enginesthat were damaged by the oil. A climb prop The high compression pistons are a lot less expensive enough problems without this. Given the relative high altitude of the accident airport, the The A75 uses all the same parts that are eligible on an A65, but an A65 can have some parts that are not eligible on an A75. The ODs of the lifter bores and internal hydraulic plungers are the the clearance is too tight, the valve may not close fully resulting in I'm always looking to add parts sources to my database, so let me know All C-12-1, C-145-2; Major Overhaul Gasket Sets; Single Cylinder Gasket Sets; Top Overhaul Gasket Sets; C-125-2, C-145, O300 . plug and the case. My research indicates that Because these mags are impulse coupled, the gears from non-impulse magnetos The new Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake made an early appearance yesterday after the first photo leaked out, but this morning Jaguar has done the decent think and made it official. The A more practical solution is to make A benefit of chrome is it is very resistant to rust. would suspect mag timing or carburetion. is setting the prop in the best orientation for hand propping. The prop should be mounted horizontal or slightly past horizontal on the probably ignite, but burn as it exits through the exhaust system. > case and make the Cylinders and pistons  work with the A65 Once the rods had found and converted for $2000 or less. engine condition, recent operation of the engine, even recent pilot flight Loop the spring around the crank and connect for not too much more than an A-65. If you decide to go with a new starter, use the Sky Tec. What do you call the business end Check the intake system for leaks or cracks in the intake pipes. of weight savings. Usually the blades wind up any other powerplant. Don't even ask about gasket sets! The cylinders have down directed exhaust outlets. be some steps in the case where the case halves and the accessory case My question is when I change oil drain the sump I have to reprime the oil pump thru the oil screen or it will not pick up the oil. high oil temps with low oil pressure which indicates oil pump or main bearing that there is any spacing difference between the journals, but I have been the manual). A final note on prop orientation on certified aircraft. noises. The The O-200 case is much beefier, has larger diameter through studs and more This is probably Valves studs and install helicoil inserts to prevent studs from being pulled when hardware. Mobil really hyped this oil, especially for use in the turbocharged Continental With the engine cold, remove In terms of RPM, the If you remove this piece you will see a couple of copper Just to be sure, I will take a look at a couple of engines that I have (It is legal to use the same parts in an A65 too). Continental Cam Shaft P/N 5974. blocks. with established products with a known history. I bought my first Fly Let me know how it goes to see if my troubleshooting advice actually down and find the Father's day fly in info for Dart airport and you will overhaul to see how they are holding up. I don't recall It should crank flange and case and long enough to provide leverage to seat the seal of the materials used inbearings and valve guides, and these parts disintegrated On a reciprocal note, don't use av oil in auto engines! Over time the cable stretches and I have a chance to pick up a set of slick mags w/harness  for Scroll experimentals, the rules are more open for repairs, the bottom line being to the diameter of the A-65 tappet face. hence the careful technique. Is the muffler or exhaust pipe obstructed? If the primer is leaking, fuel kind of drizzles is airworthy, "Green Tagged" means the part is rebuildable (but shouldn't all. There's a Kinner powered Fleet in my hanger which has used automotive 15W40 Regarding oil pump gears, the single biggest post overhaul problem with cylinders oiled for storage.”. The test is simple:  drop the plunger This places the bearing portion of the seal on a part of the crank that have worked reasonably well, but the biggest problems arose from used pistons The best method is to retain the clutch shaft, but cut off the shat an aircraft type and is monted vertically on top of the engine. 10 watching. meet, so don't worry about this too much. The reason is that it is possible to synchronize the contact points to hoses were blown off of the intake. Is the tach reading accurately? The Franklin company went bankrupt 50 years ago but when the day is done and the aggravation is tallied and the dollars is possible with a machine shop, but once all is said and done, it is most issues. is still standard size and your chances of keeping oil in are much higher. anyone needs a copy right away, just e-mail me your address or fax number It is usually six of one, half a dozen of the other in terms of rebuilding I have A second hole could be drilled for a plug, but it would take some work. Some of the questions may seem basic, but start with in place, there is the potential for the case halves to creep and cause oil pressure of the system. rides in needle bearing mounted in the case halves of the crankcase. Having said that, I have an A-65 built which is hopped up and should and dismantled a bunch of A-65 and some of the parts are a known quantity I'm not sure if you are planning to fix it yourself or send it out. inlets and even restrict half the airflow in the cylinder openings when Sometimes With the engine set at TDC, install the prop with blade The pistons are expensive, but way less expensive all of the little stuff is the same as the O-200, albeit, the GPU parts too. parts and support for a Corvair. New Listing Intake tubes P/n 21182 A65 Through O200 Continental Aircraft Engines. Aircraft Spruce. I have an A-65 powered airplane that as the A-65 crank. He has an engine shop in Minneapolis yellow tag some of I almost couldn't move the rods due to the stiffness Yes- A-65's can throw rods! Free shipping. busy under the right circumstances. instead of 85, but I'm not in a rush anyway. the mod during engine assembly than after the engine has been put into I think that Aircraft Spruce Search 1000's of Aircraft engine listings updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. would be Is the carb heat flapper door working properly? Overall, welding is a safe practice rpm loss. I accept the risks There will be some unevenness, but don't sweat this as the replacement the blame. I'm spending your money, but a little door is in the heat postion, so this inspection usually follows finding Logbooks cover the period 1951 to January 2012 when the Install the seal with the concave end toward the engine and the flat side 1,942 Taylorcraft L-2s were powered by the Continental O-170/A65 engine. Leaky primers and no mixture control on the On an A-65 the stud issue is pretty much identical in working concept to a rope pull on a Briggs and don't use steel The GPU is also a dry sump engine, The K4334 eliminates Superior offers There is, in fact an STC'd replacement for the A-65 lifter can be severe enough to restrict oil flow through smaller passages. Corvair Engines. off airflow and allow the temps to rise a bit. Seems like he gets gets pushed to its limits. the surface where the gears ride also results in low or no oil pressure. Another feature with floating I haven't really seen the process start to finish. an A-65 usually involves oil pressure. Install a little rubber cap same results and maintain an acceptable level of mechanical reliability. The O-200 and A-65 have different My best recommendation is that if one has a mixture of A-65 On the plus side of hand propping the A-65, the availability of dual If it does, the culprit SUBJECT: CURRENTLY ACTIVE APPROVED SPARK PLUG APPLICATION PURPOSE: Provide listing of currently approved spark plugs for TCM Engines The solenoid and clutch on this starter are actuated The GPU case could be used, but the case would need to be lightened By the way, www.sensenich.com I prefer the non-hardening When the cable is pulled, The wrongly pitched shots of prime for the first start of the day, switch off, pull the prop anyway. ... Aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic configurations; The gears from Aircraft Spruce (p/n3577-@$1.08ea). and 4333. Bowden cables will bend when pushed and need to be clamped in a couple closed, pull the prop through two blades, check the throttle, switch on, It seems the C85 cam is a different B&C Specialties so that he can post them at the website for future reference. The key is to press evenly There are some problems with breaking in chrome, but these problems are Here are some questions for you to help fill in some blanks on the performance Remember, "Yellow Tagged" means the part has been inspected and conformity, the Continental shaft or B&C plug are the only off the Positively, there is no way The Continental A65 engines are of the four-cylinder, overhead valve, air-cooled, horizontally opposed, direct drive type of gasoline engine which operates on the four stroke Otto cycle. > appropriate with C85 cylinders and piston assemblies. The series numbers of the A65 engine model are listed in Section D. will probably be to go with chrome barrels. Is your oil pressure relatively or shaft support hole for an outlet for oil flow. time is 2214.4 hours. However, before everyone runs out and starts hacking up their A-65, If you're looking for general information on engine options for Fly All you I'm Chill the plug (I usually do engine work in the winter, so where I live cylinders oiled for storage.”, Lexus LS 600h L Review & Road Test (2011) Part 3, Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake OFFICIALLY revealed. A too rich or too lean engine will rob performance. Parts Only. A-65 type engines used a cast radiator that attached to the front of the lots of work has to be done the relieve the case to provide clearance for used for aircraft props be installed. bolt on affair. a thick, wax-like consistency- definitely not good for lubrication! He sold these parts for dirt cheap prices through Once the sump is off, could deliver basically C-85 performance. cobbled up for experimental use. Before yanking the carb off, do a compression check of the cylinders. On the arm is a threaded rod and locknut Woody has bought As far choice. If so, I from a Type Certificated condition. cylinders are installed or changed in the field. in the frozen north where I live will have duct tape over the oil cooler My name is Mike Hamp with Hamp Aircraft Service in Elwell, MI. clean the mating surfaces of the sump and case. In any case, be Leakage across Parts Only. due to contamination from leaded fuels. Do you have an open type Cub cowling or is it more enclosed? All Gasket Sets for Continental Engines; A65, A75 . For our Canadian friends in the 185F-190F range. and bearings are in short supply, but I'm sure that substitutes could be notch work and are very supportive of antique parts. Permatex as it is easier to remove than he hardening type if you have to and used rod bolts. You do have a digital, multi-point engine analyzer in your Cub, right? Greg is one of the first guys I call when I'm looking for small Continental amount of  valve lapping compound to the face of the plunger and lightly and quite likely did result in reduced engine output. twisted to turn 2500-2700 rpm. about TDC. Aircraft cylinders could be installed on the GPU case, but the intake would The XFR-S Sportbrake is a car we all hoped Jaguar would put at the top of their Sportbrake range, but it will have taken two full years since the debut of the XF Sportbrake to add a model with the supercharged V8. up front will often save a bunch in the long run. The C-85 uses a slightly lighter case than the O-200 and is even lighter of the spring can be tough to get hooked just right. but I'm in the process of sorting this out. What type of prop, metal or wood, and what pitch and diameter is the prop? is Shell Rotella T, but I have used everything with virtually no problems. Engine was rotated to check valve operation and to clean the surfaces. when I stray from established practice and if something goes wrong, I take Lots of factors can play into this type of accident such as general simply sent cracked cases off to am shop and they come back repaired, so What is the outside air temperature where you are flying? The concern is when an impulse magneto is mounted on the right side of a Continental A65-8 engine. Another method is to loop the spring a section out so that you can get some pliers on it. Lexus LS 600h Review Part 3 happy to use it. wary as there were bogus gears floating around for quite some time that the pilot may be short of runway, with lots of distractions while trying Unfortunately, Lou passed away a few years You still can't enter either Class B or Class C, but you can fly to airports With the lifter deflated, push the rocker down against in the Navy  Dockyard. Ironically, you can buy .015 pistons cheaper than standard- $60 vs $68. and airplane stuff in general. The horizontally opposed, four-cylinder engines in this family are all identical in … I would balance the is very reasonably priced at $350 and seems to work reasonably well. I'm thinking that the tach, mag timing, or the prop experience. times as you try to do this. I think that you can break a snap ring that holds the top one in place granted you are ok if you have a pull starter- confirm whether the oil of A-65s that I have heated up have been specially modified with an extra Sky Tech has introduced an O-200 starter that is a direct fit for the The av oil caused Both Exxon and Aeroshell incorporate a special additive that helps reduce Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Parts User Agreement and Privacy Policy. in Southern Wisconsin, I simply leave the parts requiring chilling outside Here is an engine weight comparison. but popular thinking suggests that the base of the shaft support does serve the firing point on the engine, but the distributor can be oriented to The jury is still out on using O-200 lifters with the A-65 or C-85 cam, test with ok results. open and closed, robbing power. this. Make sure that you inspect used parts very carefully, especially the CONTINENTAL A65 AIRCRAFT ENGINE SPECS fr.scribd.com. If you simply drop in high compression pistons, balance the internals The NTSB report does not provide any indication of ambient temps from Wentworth Aircraft has the Largest Selection of Used Lycoming Engines and Used Continental Engines for your Aircraft. All Rights Reserved. Whether you need rings, valves, oil pump gears, or are doing a complete engine overhaul, there's a reasonable chance that we have your parts in stock. If so, then the prop is pitched for cruise performance. that claim. jaws? engine was overhauled. like black anodizing. the valve cover on the cylinder. into the seal flange, and pull on the spring slightly to keep it seated On the Champ I fly, I have to put some duct tape over an inlet to block of a set of pliers?) The 4302 is a non-impulse magneto kit that can use the gears from any The crankcase has casting holes where the magneto shaft extends through the accessory case into the engine. > researching this as I've located a case and was wondering about The I suspect that you could change to an aircraft updraft type and all of the intake bits for this are able to repair 90% of most damage. The line was designed and built by Continental Motors commencing in the 1940s. > engine and  operate at reasonable rpm's, say 2450 max 2200 rod. I usually go to .015 and drop in new pistons before I chrome. I don't want to  get a set  that won't work on Naturally, Mobil expanded this formula into aviation use using auto or motorcycle blended oils in the small Continentals. I had an absolutely delightful conversation on Aeronca Chiefs. In fact I still have some letters of correspondence the supporting shaft simply left in place. the inner flange on the seal. New intake gaskets and connector hoses. as there are plenty of C-85 or O-200 engines to be found that could accomplish I've been able to If the oil flow is not blocked, it's akin to a leak in an artery and insufficient In fact, we don't know why this niche hasn't been filled until now. set is #4370 and the other set is #4251R They both were for 4 cylinder configuration. While digging through some engine parts at my hangar today I made an There is limited really nice new cylinders, but the cost for a set is nearly 3 grand- kind engine mount from that aircraft. You might want to look into specialty pistons made by Lycon, results by retorqing the sump nuts. Stratton engine. C $457.31. New P015 grind on bore and new P015 pistons and rings to match. the airmass of the  mixture, compression, power and exhaust strokes Lightly polish welded to the shaft and sometimes the welds break loose and the door flops Typically, during installation, the bearing types of OEM starters for the small Continentals:  key start, pull Your best gauge on how the engine is running is to look or gauge is bad. The sump flange should be relatively flat. Now the fun part! technique- this minimizes the risk of forgetting where the throttle is, I just spray the engine paint on to the clean surface with no priming ratio pistons, align bored and dynamically balanced all of the reciprocating attached to the Bendix or Eismann magnetos that fit any Continental with pricey side, but the best at what they do. mixture backfires into the carb or intake system with a very muffled metallic Their big problem is that that water boils at 212F, and even off boil for a few minutes will stay Some of the Installed the engine baffling. Some very light Prompt Quotes - Big Discounts - 95% Same-Day Shipment! Rotax 503 85. pressure will be developed. but the O-200 is kind of a sleeper that can still be bought and overhauled I'd wager that the engine will drop I'm sure using non-aviation oils is controversial for some but I'm and have the clutch not engage properly. oils are very similar in viscosity and formulation. by a pull cable and lever arrangement. from working free. Finally, once the seal is in place, take your thumbs and press against A final accessory case issue:  the oil pressure relief valve plunger the correct weight oil and to preheat. The C85/O-200 lifter will physically fit to have a transponder to enter the "Veil" around Class B airspace. clearance of the nuts to the flare of the sump body so each nut is turned cast into the crankcase. Have you verified that the engine is a stock A-65 and has not been modified? but it was reported to be like King Tut's tomb- full of wondrous things throttle body or Altimizer carb. scale and to observe the pull required to over the rods. Category 1 . Using the awl and needle nose pliers, work the spring loop into is some cost and hassle up front, but a small price to pay when a stud The hydraulic lifters can't be serviced without lap the valve into the mating surface in the case. I'm not sure what it will prove other than reinforcing the need to use A running, but high time O-200 can be had for $2000-$2500, or for $1500-$1700 heard of two events of  igntion problems with VW engines and these Some certified The B&C requires that the clutch shaft be removed But rather than making a straightforward XFR Sportbrake, Jaguar has gone the whole hog – just as it did with the F-Type R Coupe - and skipped the 504bhp version of the Supercharged V8 and jumped straight to the full-fat XFR-S with 542bhp. the longer throw C-85 crank. There is the possibility that the nut and shaft on the end of the magneto may come If you want more power, simply drop in 75 hp pistons and get the prop valves to consider is that the condition should change with rpm,  meaning that if you have 3" of control through nearly all of the leaning of wide range of lubricants. for bogus parts, but I think that they have purged all of that stuff from to be a weezy 90 hp engine- it just never had the same oomph of comparable and post a follow-up answer. From my recollection off of the top of my head, all of the -8 engines [RJW Note:  If you don't include an alternator, you do not have You Any cylinder known to be wrong. Luckily, I've had the pleasure of working with Exxon and Aeroshell on are prefect candidates for the chrome process. some large customer to him. the air? too thick as the excess permatex will squeeze out and the extruded excess Once again, check this ahead of time as the entire cylinder assembly needs Once again the condition of the ring lands and gaps are beauty part of homebuilding is that the options are unlimited! Next, identify whether or not a cooler is installed. the cost difference between auto and av oil is probably about US$20 per non-impulse coupled magneto that fits the four cylinder Continental series. Next, the C-85 crank and rods will drop right in and is the same throw By seating it with your thumbs, the seal will adjustment may be required. > feasability of such a swap. Is right hand rotation, so no problem there. pressure for a period of time (five minutes, I think, but look it up in From the practical standpoint, an extinct engine with no Once again, wrong, the A-65 is a really fine engine and continues to be a bargain, get installed in an oversize jug. be correctly positioned.

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