✓ Is loaded with dried and candied fruits and nuts. I was looking for a fruitcake recipe without alcohol for a teetotaler (she doesn't like to have the boozy flavors after the alcohol has … No, it’s not. It comes in light or dark brown apparently, but I have only ever been able to buy the dark brown sort. Yes my friends, here’s the perfect recipe for a simple cake that is non-alcoholic and perfect for those who wish to eat one for whatever reasons! Moist fruit cake the best super moist fruit cake recipe rich fruit celebration cake baking mad quick and easy christmas fruit cake. McCormick Cinnamon, light brown sugar, yellow cake mix, dried pineapple and 3 more Christmas "Fruitcake" with Dried Apricots and Almonds On dine chez Nanou softened butter, juice, baking powder, raisins, sliced almonds and 11 more Make sure to keep an eye on the cake after 35-40 minutes and bake till done or until a cake tester or toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Place one piece to … Also, the dried fruits will keep it hydrated by absorbing alcohol or juice during this resting time. A slice of beautiful fruit cake along with a warm mug of mulled wine is all you need to celebrate Christmas and all the winter festivities. Set aside … I remember very well my mother storing her fruit cake in an old butter churn that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother. Then cover the bowl with a plastic bowl. 4) Do not add more lemon juice as the cake … Other cake recipes you may also like to try are: No-Bake Mini Strawberry Nutella Cheesecake. The combination of dried fruits and candied fruit in this recipe has a beautiful balance of tart and sweet flavors that can easily be substituted with your own favorites to make it more suitable to your taste buds. Mix well on low speed, and beat until just combined. You can also soak for 24 hours. Before sharing the secret, let me tell you that making this cake … Preheat the oven to 140 degrees Celsius/ 285 degrees Fahrenheit. Or brush 1-2 tablespoons alcohol over the cake immediately when it is removed from the oven and then wrap tightly in cheesecloth soaked in alcohol such as dark rum, sherry or brandy. You will find lots of Romanian and German recipes, but not only. I found the cake a little dry, how much apple sauce would you add to the recipe? Butter a deep 20 cm/ 8 inch round cake tin or springform and line the bottom with baking paper. Let it turn golden brown.If you have a candy thermometer , the temperature should reach 350 F. Back to this fruitcake recipe. It is also recommended that you wrap the cake in alcohol-soaked cheesecloth for better flavor. In this recipe have used a combination of brown and granulated white sugar. This recipe has alcohol and no-alcohol options. Dense, heavy, full of dried fruit and brandy. Preheat oven to 160°C / 320°F (140°C fan). If you want to store the cake without brushing, then you can also do that. You can replace white sugar with the same amount of brown sugar. Add sugar with 1 tsp of water. The cake would stay tasty and moist for 8-10 weeks when stored in a cake tin. Although I liked the cake, I did rather think you could mainly taste the sweetness and the alcohol in it. Alternatively use a plastic wrap or aluminum foil to wrap. Lots of (rather expensive) ingredients, quite a lot of work and lots of alcohol. To make your own ground almonds, simply process the blanched almonds in a food processor until finely ground. This classic and moist fruit cake is balanced in flavors and studded with delicious-tasting soaked dried and candied fruits.

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