Key Issue 1; use tracking data to set targets for children that they know and understand and are shared with parents (x-ref. SLT / Maths Team: To Raise Mathematics Achievement in Key Stage 2 Ensure consistency and progression in calculations • Provide staff with updated Maths Guidance Self-evaluation must be an integral part of the school development planning process with the resulting actions and targets captured in school development plans (SDPs). The simple but achievable goal for the school was agreed to as to be the school of choice in Mokopane. CONTENTS 1) Importance 2) Targets 3) Objectives 4) Components/Stake holders Students Parents Faculty Administration Conduct 5) Methodology 6) Preparation of Action Plan 3. Have those children identified as requiring additional support improved? HT reports to GB. Ensuring teachers are consistent in their practice of marking pupils’ work so that they know how to improve (x-ref. Woodside High School’s Development plan highlights the key priorities we will be focusing on for the next academic year. Pupil progress, the setting and monitoring of appropriate and challenging pupil targets will be central to all discussions.HTS R ESep ’0x Termly Jul ’0x And then on-going£1500 to provide release time for discussions to take place.By July ’0x at least 80% of the individual targets set for the pupils are met in each class.Termly: The governors Resource Committee(RC) ensures that the performance management discussions have taken place. Education Bureau Page 4 of 5 Format of Proposed School Plan Social Development (b) Participation and Achievement Academic Non-academic 6. Home; Key Information; School Development Plan; School Development Plan 2019 - 2020 School Development Plan 2018 2019 School Development Plan 2017 2018 School Development Plan 2016-2017 School Development Plan 2015-2016 School Development Plan … 1.3).In October, February and May pupil progress will be measured using summative assessment procedures such as SATs tests and school based materials, to: inform staff of pupil progress; identify children who are under achieving so that additional support can be provided.Assess. Using the framework the school will: Here, we use 'school improvement plan' (SIP). The school head adopts a participative leadership and the staff is encouraged to take part in school affairs. Personal Development 20-21.pdf Behaviour & Attitudes 20-21.pdf Distinctive to Our School 20-21.pdf Leadership & Management 20-21.pdf Quality of Education 20-21.pdf Website Menu. Have teaching skills and techniques improved due to the monitoring that has taken place? Seek immediate clarification through direct contact with parents of reason for absence. Beauclerc and Chennestone Schools Improvement Plan 2019 – 2020 . The 2018/19 plan targets areas for improvement based on the following: ~ Using tracking data to set targets for children that they know and understand and are shared with parents (x-ref. Report to HTTermly: HT provides report to GB on the quality and consistency of planning and what impact this is having on pupil progress. The Primary School Development Plan Template is to help teachers and school administrators focus on the efforts to improve primary school student’s performance. 3.1) the school will set challenging but achievable targets.Assess S/LS R ESep ’0x Termly Jul ’0x And then on-goingCosted in Key Issue 3.1The outcome targets identified above are, at least, met.Termly: Relevant S/L to: Review progress towards the outcome targets for each year group with the HT. Mayfield School Development Plan 2020-21 You can format your development plan so that it can be displayed differently, include/exclude certain points of information and include an introduction and conclusion. The outcome targets indicated in Key issue 1 are met.Oct ’0x and each Oct thereafter: DH checks implementation of first batch of tests: analyses results; identifies pupils requiring additional support; reports to GB. Ensuring the school complies with financial systems and procedures laid down by the LEA.Key issue 1: raise standards and achievement in CURRICULar AREAS BELOW EXPECTATIONS Outcome Targets: English Key Stage 1% Level2+% Level3Year 4% Level3+% Level4Key Stage 2% Level4+% Level520XXReading8415Reading8040English8328Writing7815Writing723120XXReading8240English8343Writing733520XXReading8631English10046Writing6925 Outcome Targets: Maths Key Stage 1% Level2+% Level3Year 4 (teacher assessed)% Level3+% Level4Key Stage 2% Level4+% Level520XXMaths7819Maths8032Maths832820XXMaths8132Maths874020XXMaths8333Maths10046Outcome Targets: Science Key Stage 1 (teacher assessed)% Level2+% Level3Year 4 (teacher assessed)% Level3+% Level4Key Stage 2% Level4+% Level520XXScience9035Science10031Science793120XXScience10035Science874720XXScience10040Science10050 In order to achieve this we will: Ensure teaching gives enough time to different subjects for pupils to make adequate progress in each subject; Improve attainment and pupils’ achievements in Years 1 and 2, particularly in science, writing and mathematics ensure a clear tracking system is in place to monitor progress and provide early intervention as soon as underachievement is noted (x-ref. PDF file for SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (SDP). By Jul ’0x: School’s attendance record will be at, or above national average.Termly: As part of the HTs report to governors a breakdown will be provided to show levels of attendance.Termly: Standing agenda item for Gb meetings to discus attendance. The Wren School opened with 5 classrooms and an administration block in September 2015. , ú ú ó î î î î î é ç ç å á Û å Ù å Ó Ê À À À Make sure that individual strand action plans have a format which timetables actions realistically throughout the year. Purchase new machines to meet the needs of the school. Training will be provided where identified (x-ref. Aut ’0x and each Aut term thereafter: HT: conducts a thorough attainment review with SLT; identifies areas of strength and weakness of tracking system. Target(s) Action Lead Person Start/Rev./End Resources/Costs Success Criteria Monitoring Evaluation (Impact) 4.1/ 4.2 All stakeholders will use the Essex framework for school self-evaluation to assess the development of the school and it will be used to inform the School Development Plan (x-ref. Termly: Resource Committee reports to full GB.1.4Governors will have good knowledge and understanding of the tracking procedures and will hold the school to account for its performance (x-ref.

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