Panther P.R.I.D.E.


P – Positive Attitude
R – Respect
I  –  Integrity
D – Determination
E – Excellence

We challenge our students and staff alike with our Panther Pride Principles every day!  There are several visual cues of our principles displayed around the ENE building as a reminder of what it means to show Panther PRIDE.  Students are recognized by teachers when they are caught showing Panther PRIDE around the school and are given a PRIDE Tie to deliver to the office.  The paper tie lists the student’s name, date, teacher’s name, and how the student showed Panther PRIDE.  Students are rewarded with a certificate and an invitation to the next PRIDE lunch.  PRIDE lunch is hosted by Mr. McKim and Mrs. Jarck, ENE Counselor, every Thursday in the school library and includes an ice cream treat for dessert.  As an added bonus, Pride Tie winners get to choose a real tie from Mr. McKim’s collection to wear on the day of their PRIDE lunch.