Less and fewer have similar meanings and uses in English; as a result, they are easily confused and mistakes are likely. We included the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition below each suggestion. Aa — a kind of volcanic lava that forms jagged masses with a light frothy texture. 7 Answers. If a colleague offers to buy you coffee, what could you say? Great job! 1. So, it is definitely a good move to change it up and use some synonyms for ‘awesome’. Let’s take a look! But I am trying improving it day by day. 1. There are ramifications for not complying with the lock down regulations. But using leverage sounds SO much better, doesn’t it? Better Ways to Say Thank You in English (30+ New Expressions)5 Smart Questions to Ask in an English Job Interview#166 Advanced English Vocabulary Native Speakers Use — Spring Cleaning. Thanks, Sarah! The second reason that we often say the wrong thing is because our first instincts are usually off. Use unexpected but common words or phrases that illustrate points in … Hubert, we are so glad you found it helpful. This is just practicing so I tried to use all my new words in a sentence. And there's a surprising amount of hobo slang. Proclivity means that one has a "tendency to do something regularly." Hopefully your friends and colleagues get a lovely surprise when you throw these new words at them soon! Thank you for this useful lesson, pretty straightforward and clear. No to say the “irony” Alright, yeah? Regards. Thank you for the useful and sensational lesson. You’ll sound smarter. Just try to use the best words possible to share your ideas. If a colleague offers to buy you coffee, what could you say? From time to time we all have to deal with conflicts. Thank you and have a sensational week. And while there are hundreds of words that can make you sound smarter, some are definitely more fun (and easier) than others to use. Secondly I would like to inform you that I am very glad for the English lesson you teach to us. rather, quite, thus, whom, whereas . There’s just something very satisfying in knowing some smart words to use in a conversation and using them. Use in a sentence: ‘I’m not surprised at his doltish behaviour, he has a reputation for being dim-witted.’ There are so many ways to call someone dumb, and doltish is a great example. For example, if the essay is about reasons that Indian food is so tasty, these possible first sentences of the body could be done: 1. So, to sound less negative and impress a little more, try a fancier word like ‘complication’. It's almost the same idea as karma. Let us know in comments. All of you deserve it, Thanks you so much Annemarie it’s certainly to me that I’m understanding the way you teach it makes it straightforward to me. This is not a very smart thing to do, and it will certainly turn your listeners off if you persist on saying these words after every phrase. We often use this word together with ‘potential’. This is my example: ” If we modify our business strategy, maybe there will be some complications at the beginning, but in the end it will give us several leverage , such as an increase of sales. Gone are the days, when clothes defined people. – sometimes you may want to make the new person feel welcome at the party or event, so this is what you tell them to make them feel included.I’d like you to meet someone! People might not even know what you're talking about, so you'll have the upper hand. Just a quick question, when would you consider to use “Touch base”. So, instead of throwing ‘like’ in there, just take a little pause and think clearly about what you want to say. by Business Review Today Team 2017-03-22, 7:36 am 367 Views. I would think they really knew what they were talking about! You know that SCE has a leverage way to short cut your way to fluency in English. To me, the problem with words in English is that they have many traslations to my native language and it could be used in differett contexts that in my language could use it in differents situtaions so, I have always tried what’s the “spirit” of the word so I can use it confidently in different context. I have to improve my English quickly and for it, I have modified my approach. Fewer in English — Advanced English Grammar, 7 Phrasal Verbs and Multiple Uses of ‘Run’ in English, English Conditional Sentences — Zero and First Conditionals with Examples, several lessons about writing emails in English. Whether it’s for an interview with a potential employer or the need to have the last word in an argument, a great vocabulary is vital for sounding smart… er, I mean, perspicacious. You can say, “Could you elaborate?” It’s much more polite and professional. Travis Bradberry. , Annemarie, thank you so much for your every lesson , Not a single lesson of Annemarie is complicated or perplexing ! Do say: There are plenty of opportunities such as this for our sensational product. Instead of saying ‘easy’, impress with your vocabulary and say ‘straightforward’. If we can modify the startegy of the system, we will do a sincetionel job. How’s it going? Nyaluak Samuel, Hi Annemarie! 15 Smart Phrases to Resolve Any Conflict. I know that there are other words that I can use to reply him, it’s just that I am not confident to use them. Here’s a few below which you can use in your next English conversation! There are some of our favorite words that appeared in mental_floss stories in 2011. Thank you a lot! We look forward to hearing from you! But don't worry--it shouldn't take you long to get the hang of using the following intelligent sounding words. Use it to prep for your next quiz! In normal everyday conversations, I will use only 1 or 2 advanced words like this. The word ‘like’. The word ‘run’ has over 90 possible meanings and uses in English, plus we use it in multiple phrasal verbs. Thanks better late than never Thank you for the lesson! That’s why I want to help you add 10 more smart English words to your daily English. Coerce means to "persuade someone by using force or threats." October 10, 2017. iStock. Thanks you so much Ms. Annemarie for the great lesson. I think, a lesson such as this one, is very helpful to find alternatives instead of using always the same expressions, the same words. “Like,” particularly, is an empty word when it is used to connect all the other words in your sentences. You mentioned writing emails is a challenge. There are some phrases that emotionally intelligent people are careful to avoid in casual conversation. I loved the alternative modify instead of change and complications instead of a problem as it really could decrease the overwhelming effect that it could have on the person listening. by Annemarie | Jul 10, 2019 | 55 comments. That is exactly why we use it so much. Express yourself easily and feel more confident in the words you use when you talk to your boss, your colleagues, and your peers in English. 2. I hope they will be helpful to you. We have several lessons about writing emails in English available on our website. My question would be. Unhealthy lifestyle causes many bad ramifications like obesity, circulatory disorders and even cancer. These 15 words are a great place to start trimming the fat from your prose. Thank you. * Definition: not attracting or demanding a lot of attention; not showy or flashy; quiet and polite. Perhaps a customer has done something weird, maybe the files you just put on your desk have disappeared… or that email your boss sent didn’t show up in your inbox. You need to give a good example such why is this so important to you. It should be easy to slip 'seldom' into one of your conversations today, so give it a try. Your confidence,smile ,voice , looks is very buteful mam your awesome. Living by the modified, age old adage “Words maketh a man”, Gen X & Y make the world go around by their words. Let’s face it: Sometimes we need to sound more intelligent than we actually are. 2-73-28k. More commonly used big words are several syllables long, and often make people feel smart when they say them out loud. Others come from medical dictionaries. Take this for instance: “I mean, you know, “like” I … See the definition, listen to the word, then try to spell it correctly. Answer Save. Hello, Annemarie! Your teaching pattern is quite unique and lovely. Chances are, you’ve seen (or maybe even used) a few of these words. For instance, you can say that your boyfriend is the quintessential athlete, because he's so talented, fit and works hard to achieve. Yes, there are definitely situations where a word just feels right or wrong. Instead of saying: ‘We need to change what we are doing here because the customer isn’t happy.’ You can use the word modify and say: ‘Modifying our approach would make the customer happier.’ There are some phrases that emotionally intelligent people are careful to avoid in casual conversation. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. I will be modifying my daily email structure with these sensational new words. – common in the USA Joey from TV’s Friends often asks: How’re you doing?! Have a fantastic Confident English Wednesday! Why use a simple 25-cents word when you can use an impressive $20 word? The fact is, at work we sometimes have to talk about bad things that have happened or might happen. You'll also get my Confident English lessons delivered by email every Wednesday and occasional information about available courses. Learn to use ‘run’ with precision in your English conversations. For instance: Don’t say: There are lots of opportunities like this for our product. When you use certain words in conversation, you are just like an overzealous football referee throwing a flag and disturbing the flow of the conversation. I liked some new words for me such as leverage, elaborate and perplexing, especially last one. For instance, I just want to touch base in regards to my application. We should modify the way we talk to our beneficiaries because some need special care. and thanks sincerely. What a sensational lesson!! Thank you! I love how you describe it as the ‘spirit’ of a word. The word itself sounds rough and tough, so even people that haven't heard the word before will understand what you mean. Of these 10, which is your favorite upgrade that you could imagine yourself using? Angello Lopez. It’s okay to use with colleagues you work with regularly. If you talk about this at work, you will definitely impress. In improving English. That would be sensational!! How to learn words that you could be used in different situations confidently. Use vivid words that everyone understands. Download my free training on how to build the courage and confidence you need to say what you want in English. The lesson was sensational I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the tips. My 2 favorite words that I want to upgrade in my vocabulary are Perplexing and leverage. Hi! Thank very much Annemarie It is very interesting vocabulary words to build my capacity specially in English to write sentences and listening. They'll flow right out of your mouth without you even thinking about them. Some of them take place at work, and others affect our love life. Ornery means bad-tempered and grouchy. How are things? Plus get examples for how to use them. SPE always will have leverage for me. I’m glad my lessons are useful and you can use them at any time. – UK, Aust (usually said to a guy) What’s up! Favorite Answer. – used more in the UK Hi mate! By Jerome London Updated June 27, 2018. Here is an opportunity for you to use them right now. And there's a surprising amount of hobo slang. Firstly, listening and reading widely is a big help. 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart. Great words to use! Some are foreign words. It's easy to sound smart by dropping intelligent sounding words into casual conversations. 2. “Working with this client should be quite straightforward, they have clear goals and timelines.”. Certainly is a great alternative to okay or no problem, which are used way too much in English. You can unsubscribe any time. at the moment. eg. You should avoid them at all costs. The biggest word in the English language is 189,819 letters long, and takes three hours to pronounce! Wal thong, Better Ways to Say Thank You in English (30+ New Expressions), 5 Smart Questions to Ask in an English Job Interview, #166 Advanced English Vocabulary Native Speakers Use — Spring Cleaning. In these instances it is the perfect time to sound smart. Is it formal? Elaborate is a great verb that just means to give more details. Try them all out today, and you'll be a pro by tomorrow. Companies love the word leverage. Not just disturbing it, but completely murdering the vibe and flow of the conversation. ‘Sensational’ is a good place to start, it has the same meaning, that something is really great or wonderful, and it sounds particularly positive. But it’s too informal if you’re inquiring about a job application or interview process. Some are foreign words. How’re you going? Bonus? It is very much interesting. People seldom use the word 'seldom.' More commonly used big words are several syllables long, and often make people feel smart when they say them out loud. 1) "Paradoxically," said Lee Enry Erickson. At work it sounds unprofessional, especially when used as a filler. Thank you for usefull information! As an English learner, one of the best feelings in the world is creating better English sentences. Yes, I did mean challenges >.<. But… I have one caution: don’t overuse them. Each of these questions can be used to extend the conversation and learn more about the other person. Somewhat ironically, however, study after study has shown that using big words usually makes people sound dumb. The word you need in that case is ‘ramifications’ which means those bad things that happen that we didn’t want or didn’t expect. I have gone perplexed after looking lot of videos on english speaking.Certainly, Your site gave me the confidence that iam an english speaker and I can leverage from the offerings. Oh I made a mistake the other sentence was supposed to be: You need to give a good example such as why is this so important to you. These are all great phrases and words to use in your concluding paragraph but you should also pay attention to the words in the rest of the paper as well. First, I would like to thanks a lot to you whatever you give us absolutely helpful I want to improve my writing skill and fluency please guide. 9 phrases smart people never use in conversation. Below is the list of common phrases used in daily conversations with ESL images. TQ so much for this class really I enjoy your classess mam. Don’t get me wrong, awesome is a fabulous word. 2) Her instructions are straightforward to understand. Thanks for sharing! Others come from medical dictionaries. My favourIte word is “leverage”. Would you use something else instead? Practice Answer a few questions on each word. Would love your thoughts and questions. I’ve got 10 words to help you do that. I see a lot of students try to use too many high-level words in 1 sentence or in a couple of sentences. My favorite word from different lesson is gregarious.. Congratulations on your subscribers or learners. It really means getting an advantage, so you could say to your colleague: Modifying our approach could give us real leverage here (which means, if we change what we are doing we could get an advantage). All the words modifications are straightforward. I watch your vedios , your English is simply and easy . I really appreciated of your interesting in English and hard worked, it inspired me to put more hard work in English. Even so, overjoyed trying to correct and correct Typos. Spelling Bee Test your spelling acumen. I’ve heard so much about you – in case the person you’re being introduced to is well known, this is just the right English small talk phrase to tell them during the introduction!It’s good to have you here! 1) I know its really perplexing to see charges on the bill , especially when the service was already cancelled. Gladeline, I would love if someone on the other end of the phone said sentence 1 or 2 to me! I’m so glad you enjoyed this lesson and found some new words for your English vocabulary, Galyna! Once you get used to these words, you won't add them into conversations awkwardly. A good proposal will give a leverage to a better business deal. Please, let me know what your thoughts on that.” Now that you’ve watched the video and learned 10 new smart English words you can start using at work today, it’s time to practice! Let us know in comments. Learn to avoid mistakes and use them right every time. Then, when you find it, don’t let… Read more », Thank you, Kelly. Tell your friends that the gas prices are exorbitant, and they'll know exactly what you mean. A couple of notes: 1. It sure is more interesting to change it up. Jaime, Hi Jaime, it is wonderful that you are noticing the subtle differences of how words can be used. Thank you very much Annemarie for your time at to teach through ( youtube, videos, instagram and emails ). We need either the infinitive… Read more », Got your all advice. When you modify some things on your English learning you can elaborate interesting sentences and give more details. Definitely, It is a sensational way to learn English. Instead of "like," use the word "namely," which is just another way to say "such as" or "that is." Don’t use it. I love this lesson too, Yes that’s perplexing to aren’t able share thought in others language now we have your helpful cours and your approach could give us real leverage it’s so straightforward and more sensational. Somewhat ironically, however, study after study has shown that using big words usually makes people sound dumb. Words differ for every situation and using the right one is really up to you. Learning the formulas is a good start but to use them easily (and correctly) it’s important to understand exactly how we use conditionals in English conversation. I’m glad to know my lessons are useful. I greatly appreciate it. Other Good Phrases And Words To Use In Your Paper. The following phrases are nine of the worst offenders. It's one of the intelligent sounding words that you can throw into conversations often, because you can use it to describe your friend with a proclivity for drama or your sister with a proclivity for music. Aquiver — trembling. Noticing and noting the new words you come across is an important step. Sometimes things are definitely confusing at work. Hey! I used it in two example sentences: 1. If you can find a way to slip these words into everyday conversation, you are going to look like the most intelligent person in the room. Hi Adriano, thanks for your comment and sharing your experience. Cliches (especially biz-blab) are the opposite of eloquence. When I send email, always try to keep in mind the words I will use. This sounds unnatural. It is time to talk about the all important overused filler that we all need to stop using so much. Hard physical deformity may be the ramifications of diving into the lake after alcohol. I know I need increase my vocabulary. Greeting Your Friend. Thank you Annemarie for your great and very useful lesson. Eclectic means "deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources." Much appreciated. We’ve all said things that people interpreted much differently than we thought they would. The bottom line: If you’re going to use fancy words, choose wisely. Sentence starters are excellent words to use as the first word in a paragraph because they will help you link the ideas of each paragraph together. Last week I found you when I was looking for a new method and I think that each one of your videos is straightforward to understand and become more fluent in English. Search: The 20 Best Vocab Words To Make You Sound Smarter. And for more words to get rid of, learn which 4 Words the Dictionary Says You Should Stop Using . Using the word “yes” instills motivation and confidence, so it's a great word to say to yourself when you need to get psyched up for a sales pitch or presentation. Make sure you not just parroting phrases you have heard. An easy upgrade here, that can make you sound smart is the word ‘modify’. Hi Annemarie, First of all, I would like to say thank you to you and your team for your dedication and all wonderful lessons that you gave us! Other options include: for instance or specifically. Thanks a lot for sharing those helpful tips. I will certainly say your lesson will help anyone to enrich their capacity. I tried to use all nine words in one example to practice what I learnt from you.

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