Dual Immersion

Eastbrook’s Dual Immersion Program

What are dual language programs and why are they important?

Dual language programs use two languages to teach students rigorous academic content while also teaching students to be bilingual and biliterate. Eastbrook will start the program in Kindergarten and First grade at Eastbrook South Elementary with at least 50% immersion in Spanish.

As a result of dual language immersion, students develop high language ability in both languages, often
reaching a near-native level of proficiency in the target language. The benefits of dual language education do not stop with bilingualism and biliteracy. Students in dual language programs consistently perform at or above grade level on standardized assessments in math and English. These students are more aware of the world around them, are globally minded, and carry with them a deeper understanding and appreciation for other cultures outside their own. Additionally, students are more prepared for a global workforce and better able to adapt and communicate with clients, colleagues and collaborators around the world.

If you are interested in this program please use the link below to enroll in this program.