Eastbrook teachers and staff are constantly working to create a blended learning environment for all Eastbrook Community Schools students.  Over the past few years Eastbrook has extended this learning by using planned eLearning days for parent/teacher conferences, professional development, and make-up weather days.  At the end of last school year a survey was sent to parents and guardians of Eastbrook students to gauge the interest in same day eLearning. The response was overwhelming and it is clear the Eastbrook community is ready to take advantage of same-day eLearning.  Since last spring, the administration and teachers have been preparing for this opportunity. During the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year the possibility exists to utilize an eLearning day if needed. Below you will find some important information about a same-day eLearning day.

eLearning Day Information/ F.A.Q.:

If there is potential for a winter cancellation, K-3 students will bring their device home at the end of the school day.  This does not guarantee an eLearning day on the following day. If school is not canceled students should return their device the next day.

How will I know if we have an eLearning day?

When you receive a cancellation call from the Superintendent he will note the day as an eLearning day or a cancellation day to be made up at a later date.  Please pay close attention as not all days will be eLearning days. There will also be a notification on the website.

When and where will assignments be posted?

  • Assignments will be posted by 9:30 AM on the Eastbrook Community Schools website.
  • Grades 3-12 will use Google Classroom.
  • Grades K-2 will use Google Slides (There will be a shortcut on student iPads to direct students/parents to the document. Assignments will also be posted on the school website.)

When are assignments due?

All assignments will be due on the 2nd day back to school.  Example: If there is an eLearning Day on Monday, and students return on Tuesday.  Then, assignments from Monday’s eLearning day are due on Wednesday. 

What if I have a question during the day?

Teachers will be available for contact via email between 9:30 AM and 3 PM.  You may email a teacher after 3 PM, but you may not receive a response until the following day.

How is attendance recorded on the eLearning day?

Completed eLearning assignments will be used to determine attendance on an eLearning Day

What if my student does not have access to the internet?

Teachers should already know about students who do not have access and will work with the student to ensure that he or she is able to complete the assignments.  If there are outages as a result of the weather teachers will work with students and families on an as-needed basis.

When will the first same-day eLearning day take place?

In the event that school is canceled, Eastbrook Community Schools will utilize the two built in make-up days before calling an eLearning day.

Will there be back-to-back eLearing days?

Not likely.

If you have additional questions please email your building-level principal.  Thank you for your support as we work together to educate all Eastbrook Community School students!