eLearning Plans

Eastbrook eLearning Plans

Eastbrook eLearning Days Unscheduled:

An announcement from the Superintendent will be sent by 8:30 am or before if there is going to be a traditional school day cancellation or an eLearning day.  The state of Indiana supports two types of eLearning days.  Both types of eLearning days will follow the schedule below. The superintendent will share which plan to follow in the cancellation message.

Plan A  (Asynchronous Learning)

  • Teachers will be available for questions during the scheduled times but are not required to host Google Meets.
  • Material/assignments for the day will be posted by 10 am.
  • Students are NOT required to attend Google Meets but may reach out to teachers via email or through a learning management system during this time.
  • Work will be due at the end of the next day school is in session.

Plan B (Synchronous Learning)

  • Teachers will host a Google Meet for each class at times listed in the schedule below.
  • Students are expected to attend these sessions.
  • Recordings of the lessons will be shared via learning management systems.
  • Work will be due at the end of the next day school is in session.


Unscheduled eLearning Days:

  • K-2 Students need to take devices home. The superintendent or his designee will notify schools by noon if devices need to go home.
  • Teachers will make arrangements to charge devices if needed and send them home with students.

Scheduled eLearning Days:

  • Information will be shared out ahead of time by school principals. Planned eLearning days will be Synchronous Learning and will follow a time schedule shared by building principals.